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My modifications to the regimen:

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Hi guys! I've had light to moderate to severe non-cystic acne since 12 years old, and the things that have worked clearing up my skin in the past were bi-monthly facials and extraction, Proactive, and then Accutane.

Facials and extractions are not an option right now because without my insurance, they are expensive! I enjoyed them though, and helped my skin for awhile. Proacive was somehing I used a few years back. It did clear my skin but only for awhile (6 months?). And yeah it was expensive.

I was on 2 rounds of Accutane, first one 5 years ago, then Spring 2009. I was on low-dose, never had the initial horrifying breakout with Accutane - my skin just cleared magically right away! The problem is, after 6 months post-Accutane, my non-cystic acne comes back wih a vengeance. I cannot keep coming back to Accutane. I was tempted but I had to find an alternative.

*moderator edit* I got excited because I'm aware of this website and I knew I could order BP without prescription and I could buy loads of it and not go broke!

Moral of the story, I've been using it for close to three weeks, and I'm clearing up nicely except I get drunk and dehydrated and don't use BP- I know for a fact that I could expect a breakout in three days!

(Wow this is turning out to be a TL;DR, useless without pictures post! Sorry!)

Now getting to the bottom of the story: I have a 12 year old nephew hit by severe non-cystic acne on his T-zone, just like I was when I was his age. I didn't want him to go through the rough middle school years. Plus, I have seen this coming since both of his parents are acne-prone. His dad is even worse, he has severe scarring.

I used BP on my nephew the same time I started my application, and now he is about 80% clear. He is a kid, and his acne doesn't really bother him yet, so I have to apply it for him every night, telling him

he could use my iPhone to surf the web while I'm working on his skin. So now it's a nightly thing.

Like I said, he is a kid, and putting him through a 3-step program is impossible, so maybe in high school and he's trying to impress girls he will actually do the DKR appropriately.

Right now, his regimen is:

1. Wash face for 10 seconds with ONLY water.

2. I apply 3 loads of BP on him. (I started him on 1 load on the first week, ramped it up to 2 on the second week, but the biggest noticeable changed happened when I ramped it up to three loads on the third week. Overnight most of his pimples went away! His cheeks are 97% clear, and his forehead about 80%.

3. Application of HEAVY moisturizer!

Fortunately throughout this he never had scaling or extreme dryness. His regimen is only done at nighttime, because his morning routine doesn't allow him for application of BP. He will miss his school bus! I asked him to put a little bit of moisturizer at least but I don't really know if he does. Regardless, BP and cetaphil moisturizer are working on him so nicely that he might not even need a cleanser!

For myself, I just wash with water too and it seems to work for me as well. Straight to BP then Cetaphil Moisturizer. I do have Cetaphil cleanser but I only use it after working out. I don't like the burning feeling I get whenever I use cleanser, then BP.

So guys, I guess the moral of the story is if you are lazy like me and my nephew, BP could still work for you! Water is free lol! And this gives you extra money to buy a year supply of BP, etc. etc.

Keep it simple guys! You don't need tons of products!

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