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Im on month four of accutane. My only acne problem area is my face and always has been. Accutane has cleared me up for the most part but i still get a break out here and there. On most days i wash twice a day with at least 8 hours in between each wash.

I always felt like my face would get oily and break out because of the washing before tane. I use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. I never got pimples on my back even before accutane, but i did have a lot of blackheads on the back of my shoulders which are all now gone 100% and my shoulders are nice and smooth! I NEVER used anything but water in the shower on my back. Yet my face still continues to break out from time to time while on tane and my skin hasnt gotten rediculously dry or flaky.... so maybe its because im still washing? Do you think I should try this month with no cleanser, just water whenever i shower and mosturize? It's somethign ive always wanted to try but been to scared, but now since im on accutane it could be a good chance.

And washing has come such a bother that i have to organize my day around times when i take a shower or do work that involves sweating and showering after.

Forgive my spelling errors, im tired and i just went as i wrote haha.

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thanks for the response. Ive been doing that pretty much. Its just hard for me to take a shower and not be tempted to use anything on my face now lol.

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