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Acne only on back?

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Hey guys. I've been a fan of this site for awhile, but my acne cleared up for about a year. I still consider myself basically clear, but I have one plump quarter-sized cyst on my left shoulderblade, worst one I've had in a long, long time, and INCREDIBLY painful.

I get the occasional pimple on my face, but nothing near what I used to get on my back/what I have right now. My face is practically clear and always has been (knock on wood), but my back is full of acne scars, and the pimples I get back there usually start small and just inflate to the size of soccer balls. I had it pretty bad for about a year, a year and a half, with maybe one new painful pimple every week or two, but that would also come in waves; I'd be relatively clear for a few months, then flare up again, sometimes mildly, sometimes severely.

I started using H&S and TTO back in Aug of '08 and my "bacne" has since been mostly satisfactorily under control, with two breakouts that I can think of, each consisting of three sore pimples, big, but nothing major. Two weeks ago, though, I had a small outbreak again, the first pimple not being much of a problem and has been healed for about a week. This second one though, is HUGE. I'm actually considering going to get a cortisone injection because it is just unbearably painful. I'm sitting upright typing this and I can still feel it throbbing.

Anyway, the reason I write is because I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this strange acne-only-on-back thing. If these were just small-medium sized red things, I wouldn't be so curious. But I get compliments on my skin (face), and I just find it strange that I get these monsters on my back. I'm a female of 23 years, and this started when I was about 20. I've never been to the derm, mostly because it cleared up pretty well for awhile. I'm really considering going, but I don't have insurance, and I'm kind of scared that I have some weird underlying disease, because these are not just normal pimples. They're huge, scarring, incredibly painful cysts. It's depressing and cause to be very self-conscious, but I'm starting to actually worry about my internal health and if there's some terrible underlying cause, because I know this isn't normal. Everything I read talks about bacne sufferers being face-acne sufferers, too. Any suggestions or insight of any kind is greatly appreciated, and I hope the best for you all in the fight against this terrible disorder.

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I have the same exact thing as you! im almost 22 years old and i have lots of scars on my back from cysts in the past....my back has been clear for like a few months and i just broke out in a cyst that is painful on my back as well... my face is pretty clear but my back is just horrible from the scars....i dont understand it either why my back is so bad...its so weird...im trying a new diet though and im going to see how the results are

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So strange.

If you're looking to change your diet, I can say with a reasonable amount of certainty that I believe milk contributes quite a bit to making me break out. I used to eat at least one bowl of cereal every day, with 1% milk. Around the time I started using H&S, I replaced milk and cereal with PB&J sandwiches because they were cheaper. And I was clear for a long time. I bought some milk and cereal a few months ago, and two weeks later I had a small breakout. I haven't drank any since, and this past month I wanted cereal, so I tried it with soy milk. So I drank a lot of that over the course of a few weeks, and I'm wondering if that had anything to do with my recent breakout. (I think the milk was causing problems because of the hormones in it, and soy has phytoestrogens so who knows). I wouldn't say it's the cereal, because I only had one or two bowls with the soy milk, as I found I loved drinking it alone. I drank one gallon of it in a two-week time.

I honestly do think diet can contribute. I think the causes of acne are very personalized and are different for everybody, and I feel like, for me, cutting out milk helps. I hope a diet change helps for you.

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hey any type of dairry product has a major part of getting cystic acne.....i dont drink milk so i just try to stay away from cheese and other dairy products

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