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As of tomorrow i'll be on the regimen for a month and I've been using Neutrogena Oil free moisturizer for sensitive skin (+ jojoba). It was great in the beginning but as I've been ramping up the dosage of BP it started to turn white when i apply it, take forever to blend in, and ball up at my jawline...& now that its summer I also wanna use something that has spf...any suggestions??

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I don't know about whether it would work for many other people, because I've not really had much dryness from BP, but presently I am using Origins Perfect World moisturiser, and it seems to be doing the job well and it doesn't ball up or turn white with my Panoxyl BP, although I got it on discount and it is normally so expensive (£30/$50 or so) that I probably won't buy it again. They've also recently brought out something called All Purpose High Elevation Cream for Dry Skin Relief, which I'm intrigued by and may be worth a look if you have a lot of cash to throw at the problem (which I don't, being only a student). Prior to using BP, the best things I've ever used are in the region of about $2 or so, like vaseline petroleum jelly, which is about 95% moisture retention, and almost certainly won't go white or ball up. However, I suspect that it's not a moisturiser, as such, it just prevents moisture escaping. Another very good remedy is nappy rash creams. I use a generic castor oil and zinc cream, which you can find in the baby section of a supermarket or department store, and is dirt cheap and easy to apply.

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