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liver and acne

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I'm 33, Female and Live near Manchester, UK. Since I was a teenager I have suffered with spots. Blocked Pores etc. Esp around my cycle. I also suffered with alot of pain in my stomach, trapped wind, the runs, bloated stomach. I was always told it was IBS. Never convinced myself. About 7 years I found out I had PBC, this effected the Bile ducts in the liver. To say I've had a rough 5 years is an understatmenet and to say I know what it feels like when the liver is not happy.

Some of the symptoms I had was:

very, very, Itchy




Lack of energy, To the stage I was having to get into bed during the day and resting at weekends

with all this your life slowly gets put on hold.

9 months back I was placed on a Liver Transplant List. 4 weeks ago I receeived my New Liver. As soon as I woke up in ICU the PBC had gone. and now my blood results are almost that of a very healthy persons. My Liver I was told was fantastic and had come from a young donar.

What has amazed me is my skin, I have tried every lotion and potion over the years and although some helped especiaaly my deep facials I recieved using Dermalgica Products.

It's Amazing how it now looks and it's just getting each week. Obviously I'm on alot of medication now so that won't be helping but in 2 months I can come of alot of them and will just be taking anti-rejection drugs for the rest of my life.

Not to put everyone in a panic, I was in the minority but as I look back i wish i'd pushed the Doctors more and had my blood checked years back. I think alot of the time they think spots, acne are just what some people get and will treat the surface with creams. and I agree in whats happening inside thats important.

I feel amazing from my Transplant. I was doing a lot of campaigning before my transplant for people to register themselves as Organ, Blood and Bone Marrow Donars. Please Register yourself. When I got my call a possible 5 other people also waiting for Transplants got to have theirs, Heart, Lungs, Kidney, Eyes etc. :angel: www.organdonation.org.uk

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