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Natural acne treatment??? PLEASE COMMENT!!

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My acne has changed thru the years ....I have done accutane 3 times last course @ 22. LOVED it wish I could do it again but no longer have health insurance! Its now hormonal and all the thing that worked before no longer help. Ive been looking into natural essential oils. I started using boscia and all the main ingredants are these oil but boscia still has the presevatives and other chemicals. I would like to go completely natural. What ive come up with so far would be jojoba, geranium, tea tree and lemon. HAS ANYONE DONE THIS ? please give any feed back or recommondations!!!

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I cant say much about the geranium, tea tree and lemon (although i did try Tea Tree and it never really did much for me)

However, i have just started using Jojoba oil and it for me is quite frankly the Miracle Oil!! I wish i wouldve known about this stuff years ago when i was trying everything else under the sun to try and settle my acne.

But yes, for me, after 7 years of acne and no results i now use Jojoba and the results so far have been awesome! i would defininitely recommend it. It hasnt completely got rid of it, but it is definitely an improvement.

It is very greasy though, but in a light natural way, but i would suggest just putting it neat all over your face each night before bed..

and in the mornings i mix it in with a bit of my normal moisturiser. It works great.

Takes a while, but the difference for me after a month is brilliant.

Best of luck!


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I had this experience of jojoba oil too but eventually it ended up clogging my pores and gave me a lot of whiteheads etc...

I have to say that I really like apple cider vinegar (bragg's) to dry out and help heal sore hormonal acne. I dilute the vingear in water (50:50), soak two round cotton pads in it and then I use a hair-band or something to keep the pads on my chin (this is where I break out) and leave it for 10 or 15 mins.

To help heal spots that I couldn't resist messing with I brew a small amount of tea from calendula flowers. I take the petals out of the cup when it is cool and mix around a dessertspoon of them with raw local honey. I also add in a few drops of ACV to prevent infection too. I then smear this messy mixture on my chin, cover witha piece of muslin cloth and use the same method as above to keep it in place. You can leave this as long as you like I think, I have never experienced any irritation with it! When I take it off I use the calendula tea to rinse with.

I sometimes apply tea tree oil to problem spots with a cotton bud to dry it out but NEVER apply it all over your face!!!

I then immediately apply aloe vera gel to minimise scabbing, scarring, infection etc...

I've also been looking into "john masters organics" because they seen really natural and all the makeup alley reviews seen good... maybe for xmas!!

Hope this helps you, please let us know if you come across anything useful! :angel:

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hi there.. i'm 25 & was in that boat.. never did any pills/accutane, but was on BP since i was about 14... sick.

it never really got rid of the acne anyway. i wanted something NATURAL, chemical free, dependency free, and low-maintenance.

i did vitamins, fruit/vegetable masks, honey masks, olive oil, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, baking soda... etc.

i learned a lot and would like to share a few things.

1. the less you mess with your skin the better. harsh things including natural acids like lemon or ACV are really not good for you. once in a while-eg, once every wk maybe (only if necessary) is ok, but ABSOLUTELY NOT daily or every other day.

2. if you've been on BP for a long time and go off of it cold turkey bad things will likely happen to your skin, as was the case for me. i'd wean off gradually, mixing in a more natural method as the weeks pass.

3. here is what finally worked for me after about a year:

Lerosett Spot Treatment & Mask. I use it as a face wash 2x a day and thats it. It has only two ingredients which for me is the best part-distilled water & clay.

i'm not saying this is a miracle product. those don't exist. i'm saying it's a natural product which is the best thing and once you feel like your skin is getting more and more clear i would finally end with just one thing, washing your face 1-2x/day. and for me this particular product is the best thing i've found because it is the most natural plus it really helps my skin and is gentle.

be gentle with your skin. treat it as though it was a very fragile, rare, and valuable thing. which it is! ;)

if your acne is pretty bad right now go with a good natural face wash 2x/day, a natural spot treatment, and a once-a-week natural face mask.

aloe vera (you can buy a leaf at the supermarket!) is absolutely highly recommended as a mask, honey (particularly manuka honey which u can find at whole foods but is pricy) mixed with yogurt, and papaya!

theres a million more. check out http://www.the-clearest-skin-ever.com/

it's the best site ever for combatting acne naturally!!!


good luck!! keep us posted!!


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I was thinking of using lemon and tea tree as a treatment for acne, i'll let you know how that goes.

How are you using the jojoba oil?

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the best natural products are

rose hip seed oil = natural source retin a/vitamin c

tea seed oil/camellia oil = rich in vitamin A, B and E, natural sunscreen

tea tree oil = natural alcohol based good spot treatment

jojoba oil = good moisturizer

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