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Just wondering - what do you guys do when your usual go-to spot treatment doesn't seem to be working?

This pimple I've had for 4 days now keeps getting bigger no matter what I do to it (I haven't been too aggressive, tea tree oil the first 2 days, aspirin mask the next and BP today). It's not a cyst, but I guess it's just a deep one.

Anyway, should I stop switching it around? What do you guys do when this happens?

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well normally if i get a pimple,i put on BP on it faster than you can say "zit" ! haha :D i also have this cream from my dermatologist,i'm not sure what it is,but it works SO well.stings to high heaven but i can feel it working!amazing. :D

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I'd imagine that switching products so frequently could aggravate the pimple and make it grow larger. Sometimes I find taking a face towel soaked in hot water and applying it to the pimple (not the whole face, ONLY the pimple) for thirty seconds to a minute helps to kill it from becoming bigger. Other times when a pimple just won't go away, I put 70% rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or pad and press it against the pimple (once again, ONLY the pimple) for a minute or two to dry it out. Personally, pure tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, adapalene, etc. do not work for me. The only one that I have found recently that helps to dry out my pimples faster has been Burt's Bees Targeted Spot Treatment. It has a little bit of tea tree oil in it, but it's mixed with a bunch of other ingredients that help to dry out the pimple.

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