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I've been a big lurker here, reading all these posts about food, vitamins blah blah blah. So, i figured i'd take some time when im bored and post about my ideas on keeping clear.

1. Don't touch your face. Seriously, the 2 people that ever touch my face are myself and the woman where i get my eyebrows done. I figure this is a given but i feel like some people touch without knowing. Just dont touch

(the next 2 are in combination)

2. Anti-bacterial soap. Easiest thing i've noticed to help my skin. I wash with anti-bacterial soap anytime i'm going near my face. I use regular soap for all other occasions as to not overdue it

3. Dry your face with TISSUES not towels. A dermo near me told me this secret. Use fresh tissues (not kept in your bathroom) to pat your face gently dry. Towels are irritating and carry bacteria. Tissues are fresh every time and are soft. get the NON-moisturized type. just regular plain old tissues. I get 3 boxes for $5 at CVS and they last me about 2 months.

4. Moisturize. I use moisturizer from Bare Escentuals every morning after i wash my face with their cleanser. I find their products to be gentle and calming.

5. Food. Food has been the toughest for me. I stay away from anything friend, sugary, greasy, stuffed with not natural things etc. I find that I can eat tasty food once in a while without any adverse affects. I eat a lot of nuts (cashews the most as they dont affect my skin), pretzels, oatmeal, fruits, chicken, beef, veggies etc. Again, healthy and tasty. I <3 trader joes

6. Vitamins. I take a natural multivitamin liquid everyday that has 100% of everything in it. I also add in 1000 IU's of vitamin D and an extra 500mg of vitamin C. I also take colostrum everyday before breakfast.

7. Drinks. I drink water and plain seltzer only. I find seltzer is a nice difference from water and adds a little bite from the C02.

8. Relax about it. I always got uptight when i saw a new pimple coming in but i've realized, just don't worry about, dont pick at it, and no one else will notice or care. Most people don't really pay attention to acne (at least my friends don't) and i find that i feel better everytime i'm with them.

Thats about it. Again, everyone is different and it took me about 8 months to figure everything out for what makes my skin tick. I also get out in the sun about every day and my skin likes the sun. I do protect it with sunscreen (oil free). Exercise too is nice.

Yup...... :surprised:

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Do you think the vitamins are an important part of your success? I'm pretty much doing everything you say...except taking vitamins....and using tissues. I eat so healthy, exercise, use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer, and still am fighting breakouts. I'm starting to think maybe I should add vitamins but I don't know what. I've also never heard about this tissue theory. Interesting.

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Lucy, I honesty do not believe vitamins are a huge part of his success. He probably found his triggers (fried foods, etc). In nature, our bodies get all the nutrients they need from our food. If our bodies cannot absorb enough nutrients, the person should investigate the possibility that they have a food intolerance. Food intolerances stop our bodies from absorbing the proper nutrients. If you suspect that you may be lacking in vitamins, you should work on finding your food sensitivities and intolerances.

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Thanks Dotty! I'm just frustrated because I was allergy tested for tons of foods and environmental factors and everything came back perfectly fine. I actually was hoping that I would have an allergy to something so that I could cut it out of my diet and clear up. But I guess it's not that simple. I eat such few food items that I don't know which of those it could be. And I feel like I can't cut anything else out! So frustrating. Maybe i just need to give it more time. It's only been about a month and a half.

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I find that the vitamins and colostrum especially have helped in my success. The vitamin D is EXTREMELY important to skin health especially during the winter when we aren't out in the sun so our body can produce it normally. I don't adjust it during the summer at all even though i'm outside more.

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