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I'm starting a log to document my progress.

I am a 25 year old female from the hot and humid southern U.S., and I've had acne since I was 10 or 11. It has never gotten better, and I've tried everything under the sun.

It's my first day taking Accutane. I have already been on Bactrim for one month, and it has done wonders for my face, but I can tell the bacteria is already getting used to it again. I'm starting to get acne on my chest and back again.

I was prescribed the Bactrim to help avoid a horrible initial breakout. I hope it works. The doctor, for now, has me on 40 mg of Accutane once per day, and one giant Bactrim tablet twice per day. Bactrim tastes horrible if you can't down the pill in one gulp. YUCK.

I guess my acne is moderate to mildly severe, depending on the day. Before the Bactrim, I was using a salicylic facial wash and salicylic toner. I used benzoyl peroxide for years, but I got sick of it after it bleached EVERYTHING. Expensive clothes, other people's pillow cases if I stayed the night... BP worked a little, but not well enough for me to be "ok" with the bleaching.

The salicylic treatment helped a lot, but didn't get rid of the problem. I still woke up with new whitehead pimples daily, on my face, neck, shoulders, back, butt, and sometimes even my legs. WTF Who gets pimples on their legs?? The blackheads were everywhere. Occasionally I'd get one or two really deep, nasty, painful lesions on my face, neck, or back. My face is so oily. I go through so many oil sheets in one day... Each of them soaked through and through.

The bactrim has given me something I'd hoped would happen for years... I now know what I look like without spots all over my face. My face hasn't been without an active outbreak since I was 10 or 11. Other antibiotics never worked this well... I'm hoping the Accutane can help make these results permanent. And help with the oil production, because of the shine and nastiness.

I'm sorry I don't have any "before" pictures to post... I never really took any. I always wore so much makeup, or photoshopped my breakouts out of digital pictures, so that I could feel better about myself somehow.

I know I shouldn't expect Accutane to result in flawless skin forever... I just want normal skin. A pimple every now and again is normal. I want to kiss the lack of confidence goodbye. It was so bad, I'd avoid making eye contact with people, hoping they wouldn't look at me and see my face.

I'll try to update this log once per week with new photos, and updates about progress, side effects, etc.

Thanks for reading, and God bless!




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Yeah, he told me not to use anything but Cetaphil gentle cleanser and moisturizer (no bp, salicylic acid, nothing) and told me to only use the Septra for 3 months (1 month prior to starting, and for 2 months during Accutane treatment to suppress the initial breakout).

I hope it all works...

Thanks for the well wishes!

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Good luck!! I can say accutane helped in less than 2 weeks dry up all the oil on my son's face and hair!!! He was shiny all the time and his hair looked greasy and oily 4-5 hours after washing it! He looks amazing right now and is only on day 27!!! I hope it works this fast for you. I have heard that oilyness can come back after the accutane course but usually its not has bad! My fingers are crossed:)

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Thanks for all the support! I'm glad to hear other people have had success with this treatment. Sometimes all we hear is the negative stuff.

I'm starting my second week of treatment and boy has my face gotten oilier than usual! I'm going through about 9 oil sheets per day to absorb all the oil. So gross! But I'm sure it will get better.

I've been getting a lot of headaches this week. I'm not sure if its from the Accutane, but it sure sucks.

My lips are starting to get dry and irritated. I've been applying lots of Aquaphor and it really helps. I put some on before bed last night, and my lips were much better in the morning.

I've also gotten kinda peely/flaky int he past 2 days. The Cetaphil moisturizer is helping out with that.

My skin's gone crazy! But no new breakouts (THANK GOODNESS!)

So far, so good, I must say! :dance:




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So far, 3 weeks into my treatment. I'll be getting my blood checked next week, and hopefully everything will be ok and I can continue treatment.

My lips are starting to get extremely dry. My eyes are so dry they hurt sometimes. My scalp has become extremely itchy, and I itch all over sometimes.

My face has become really "ruddy". It's bumpy, but no pimples, and hopefully none of the bumps turn into inflamed messes. I was so thrilled at how smooth my skin had become. Now it's bumpy again. Hopefully that will go away.

The oil production seems to be going down though! It only takes one oil sheet to wipe up all the oil, and I only seem to need to use it once a day. HUGE improvement over 6 sheets per day. Granted, the one sheet is soaked when I'm done, but it is much better.

Yay!! Hopefully I'll have good, permanent results! I'll see my derm in 2 weeks and see what the plan is.

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One month of Accutane down! I went to the derm today. My liver test came back a little elevated, but not very much, so he wants to test again in one month. That's fine by me!

I'm staying on 40 mg for 2 more months, and then he said he'll bump me up to 60 mg for the last 3 months of treatment.

He said I could stop using the Septra antibiotic! Thank heaven. That pill tastes nasty and is messing up my stomach something terrible.

I'll post some pictures tonight if I get a chance (I have to work late.)


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A little update... I'm starting to have some inconvenient digestive issues that may or may not be related to the Accutane.

I'm starting to get real irritable bowel problems. The cramps are very painful... I have a call in to my doctor, and I'm hoping for some good news. I've heard that Accutane can cause permanent irritable bowel, but I'm hoping the doctor will be able to help me avoid that and continue my treatment. It's going so well!

Anyone else who might happen to read this... Have you have any IB symptoms? Were they permanent? How bad? And did you have to discontinue treatment?

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The doctor told me to take a week off of the Accutane, to give my system a break. It seems to have worked. He said the break would have no negative effect on my overall treatment. He said if the symptoms come back, I will probably need to decrease my dosage. I just hope I have a successful treatment and never need Accutane again! And no permanent side effects, of course.

I go in next Tuesday for blood work... Hopefully, my liver tests will be ok. And hopefully the stomach problems stay gone!

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Keep me updated. I have been really gassy and my feel like i have to constantly go to the bathroom.

geez, all those articles about IBS for life is scaring the hell out of me. im thinking if it was true that 1. my derm would have mentioned it and 2. it would have been bigger on the side-effect sheet

better to be cautious now than to avoid tears later. ill call my derm if it happens again tomorrow.

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I've been lazy and haven't updated my log like I said I would... But yesterday, I took my last dose of Accutane! I threw the empty container in the trash and did the "happy dance" :dance: I finished out at 60 mg per day. I'm still having some occasional bouts of IBS, once every couple of weeks, and they may be stress or diet related so I'm not going to blame Accutane on this one. I'll be as good to my body as I can and see what happens.

Currently, I have no breakouts, but my skin is quite dry and flaky around my mouth. But the rest of my skin is smooth! My lips are a dry peely mess. My nose bleeds a lot. I hope that goes away soon. My scalp is flaky, but I'm just thankful it's not oily for once in my life. The acne is gone from my back, shoulders, chest, and my behind! I'm crossing my fingers and praying that none of that comes back.

I also don't have blackheads anymore! This is amazing. I've always had huge, nasty blackheads on my nose.

I do have some left over old scarring on my cheeks right under my eyes, but the derm said to wait 6 months and see how much my skin changes before I consider scar treatment.

I wish I had a high school reunion or something coming up soon, so I could show everybody my new skin! :surprised:

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