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Cystic Zits and how to be rid of them?????????

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I HATE my skin. Hate would actually be an understatement. I don't have all that many regular zits (wish I had these instead of cystic) but I have these spots under my skin that seem to be clogged pores. Usually they're hard to see unless I stretch out my skin, but they're still there, so I squeeze them out. The white stuff inside squirms out like paste from a toothpaste tube (but much smaller). This is how I think I create most of my cystic zits. I squeeze out some of them wrong and it goes deeper into my skin. I try really hard to let these areas be, but I can't control myself. But the fact that I have these areas where my pores get filled with stuff drive me crazy and I know they shouldn't be there so I try to get rid of them. :wall:

So, I don't use moisturizers, unless they're non-comedogenic and I rarely wear makeup. I've tried all sorts of things. Face peels, hydrogen peroxide,zeno,asprin/honey,benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and not putting anything on my face. I started breaking out with the cystics around 19 after I broke up with my bf at the time. I stopped taking birth control (was on Ortho-Evera) and my stress levels increased. Also started working third shift around that time.

Currently I would say my stress levels are at maybe 7 out of 10. I work around household cleaners and sweat during work. I wash my face usually once a day at night. Ive tried the benzoyl peroxide regimen but the cystic zits keep coming back. What do I do? Ive ordered some new stuff to try but feel like I should just try taking high doses of vitamin A to combat this hell. But, then again, I don't have insurance so if I OD on Vitamin A Ill be in more of a mess.

Anybody here have any good advice? I get soo depressed from constantly combating my skin. Anyone try anything foreign that works or maybe skin treatments that help? Is it possible to use a small syringe to extract the contents of the cystic zits?? HELP!!

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Do not mess with cystic acne in any way whatsoever! That is a SURE route to developing scarring as the infection spreads underneath the skin and damages underlying tissue. The scars may not show up until you begin losing collagen in your middle ages.

How long did you try each of the products you tried? Remember that everything takes time, nothing is instant results. Some products may take three months.

Without insurance you could still visit a regular doctor and a regular doctor could prescribe you an antibiotic and a retinoid. Buying them regularly could add up quickly though, so make sure (if you go) that the doctor checks the box that says "Generic formulary permitted" or at least writes the prescription for a generic. The antibiotic could be had for less than $10, sometimes they're on a pharmacy's $4 program even. A generic retinoid would be more expensive but still considerably less than the brand name.

For particularly troublesome spots you could try the link in my signature that starts "What to do..."

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1. try taking fish oil (recently research shows that they have a lot more pcbs then expected, so do some research and check which brands have the least amount). fish oil helps a lot with cystic acne. also good for mental health, which is what you need since you're stressed out

2. take zinc (also, do research to see how much is ok. zinc is a mineral, not a vitamin, so you gotta be careful here). zinc is really good for acne too

3. eat healthy. this is important! no greasy, fatty, or sugary food. for me, they cause major breakouts!

4. drink a lot of water. one cup first thing in the morning especially.

5. get face wipes and wipe your face during work.

6. stress causes acne, so try to take out your stress somehow. exercise or something.

7. never pick on your pimples. makes it worse

in order to get rid of acne, you gotta fight 'em inside and out! hope this helps!

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I read your post and can totally relate. Sometimes when I have really bad skin days where I put concealer spots on all my breakouts, it almost makes them look worse. My breakouts are almost always deep painful cystic ones. The throbbing sensation makes me obsess over it and then I usually end up trying to pick at it by the end of the day. I think too, that I'm my skin's worst enemy. When there is an inocent little spot or a little relatively unnoticeable bump under my skin, I can't help but pick and squeeze it. Even when whatever was causing the bump comes out, I usually get a huge breakout there afterwards...so I wonder...why the heck didn't I leave it alone?? But getting back to your post, it sounds like you've already identified one of the main problems with your breakout. It's the same as mine...don't stand in front of the mirror for extended periods of time and pick at your skin. Like you wrote, I feel like I can't help it either, but I realize that this is one of the main things that I have to control in my behavior to improve the condition of my skin.

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