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3 days without Roaccutane?

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Just a quick question. My stash of pills (hah) will run out 3 days before my next derm appointment. I've phoned the nurses at the hospital, they said it's not a problem due to 'tane staying in the system for 5-7 days (she also said she'd sort it out anyway, but never did :doubt: ).

But really, will it make any difference? I'm due to go in to the lipid dept. on Monday thanks to my screwed up blood tests, so will argue my case then... but any advice would be appreciated.

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Don't worry about it. My dermatologist is basically booked up all the time. I was out of pills and I called last minute. I didn't get an appointment for 2 weeks so 3 days is nothing to worry about. I told my dermatologist I haven't taken it for 2 weeks when I went in for my appointment and he said it'd be fine.

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My derm doesn't think it's a problem. He even recommended that I take a few days off to help with my chapped lips. As long as it's not longer than a week or two you'll be fine.

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YOu will be fine. I took my course back in 2005 and had to stop for a few days (can't recall 4 or 5) and it didn't affect me. My acne has never come back since then. So don't worry.

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