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right so im going to go out in 2 days with my gf and although i am having quite success with bp as it is clearing my acne, my skin is becoming flAky, even though i do moisturise (use dans moisturiser)

well i really like dans moisturiser as it doesnt make me break out and has helped me overcome my fear that mosituriser doesnt break you out. when i first moisturise after applying bp its perfectly fine however after a few hours my skin starts to get really dry and flaky and peel of. i dont mind this at home but when i go out i dont want her to freak out!! ive tried exfoliate beforehand but it doesnt work and i dont have any jojoba oil.

so the thing is because i am going in 2 days i really need everyones advice on what i can do. i dont have time going out and buying moisturisers and trying them out (i also have the fear they might break me out) . so any at home suggestions anyone?

what about a few drops of almond oil in dans moisturiser?

vitamin E?

bio oil?

oh what about E45?

(i have these at home) any other suggestion?

help is much appreciated.

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I had the same problem when I was on the regimen. My face was really flakey, and I exfoliated twice a day. The only thing I could do to help out the flaking was to use more moisturizer and re-apply it every few hours. Never really found a way to get around it though.....

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As you already have the E45 and it looks ok (others have recommended it on this website) in terms of causing breakouts, I'd use a tad of that and see how it goes.

I looked up the ingredients of bio oil and say that's a no-go as it is possibly comedogenic. It's got isopropyl myristate and fragrance.

Vitamin E won't hurt.

If you have plain old petroleum jelly, use that once in a while as a gentle massage for the skin. It will help loosen flakes and when you wipe it off afterwards, your skin will glow. It is not comedogenic although a very few rare persons state it has caused a breakout. Many more say it does not.

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thank you so much for your replies everyone!

and thanks Wynne, info was really helpful ill try it out today :D

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