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Can I oil my hair?

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I've been on roaccutane for a while.

My hair is severely dry.

Can I oil my hair? (perhaps olive oil?)

Will I get acne from the oily hair that touches my forehead?

Will I get acne from an oily pillow when I sleep?

By the way, I'm a guy with short hair

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adding a couple drops of jojoba oil with your shampoo can really help that. i had to do that back when i was on the regimen.

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prolog, you can also do a deep conditioning treatment. You can use something cheap like Suave or V05, just make sure it's silicone free. Since your hair is short you won't need much, 2 or 3 tablespoons. Nuke it for about 15 seconds so it's warm, but not hot. You can even squirt in a little aloe. Put it on your hair, massage your scalp, and then cover it with a shower cap or plastic grocery bag so it doesn't dry. Leave it on for as long as you want (I usually leave it on for a couple of hours). Rinse. You can do that as often as you like. It won't hurt your hair at all and makes it super soft.

The jojoba oil is great, too. You can even add a drop or two if you do the deep conditioning thing.

Also, since your scalp is so dry, you can skip shampoo completely and just wash your hair using conditioner. If you use the silicone free ones you won't get build-up. Use your fingertips to massage the scalp all over, not fingernails. Conditioner Only washing cleans just as well. Shampoo can be very harsh and drying because of the sodium lauryl sulfate.

eta: yes, you can use olive oil. You won't need to use a lot or else you're going to catch hell trying to get it out which means you'll end up using a lot of harsh shampoo that will negate the moisturizing you're trying to achieve. It shouldn't make you break out if you're not drenching your hair in it. A couple of drops with your short hair is plenty.

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