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Combo: Botchla & Dan

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I'm a female in my thirties, who's had acne since about fourteen. It was mild throughout the teenage years (though it seemed worse back then!) and got worse in college. During the teen years, I tried tons of over the counter topicals, including a number of "mild" perscriptions. Nothing worked very well. When it grew worse in college, I tried accutane. It worked better than anything I had tried before (though it gave me severe dryness) but I think my dosage was too low and it never cleared completely. For about three years after that, I maintained the same mild state as through my teen years (cycles of break-outs with clearing, though never completely clear).

A few years after that, it worsened again. About two years into that "worse" cycle, I found this website. Attached to this thread will be my attempts to clear it, using the help and suggestions of all of you (I am so frigg'in thankful for all of you and of course, to Dan, for creating this place!!).


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My skin is oily, oily, oily! Large pores around T-zone and sides of forehead. I've worn medium-to-long hair around my face to "cover" acne for years. I've always felt like I had to arrange my hair based on how my face looked in the morning. I wouldn't work out or go anywhere to be around people if I had to wear my hair up.

I've tried many, many products. Probably close on everything that's available in my area. But I never really paid attention to what products did for my skin and how they worked. When I started to, thanks to this website, it started to make a difference.

I tried Proactiv. It worked for about 6 months and then I started to break out again. Plus, it was very expensive. It was during that time that I found this website and decided to discontinue to try Dan's.

Dan's Regimen: I followed it religiously for 10 months. Products I used:

Cleansers: Cetaphil bar or liquid.

BP: Neutro on the spot.

Moisturizer:Neutro oil free moisture.

Later on, I changed the moisturizer to Neutro Healthy Skin (AHA).

I was about 75% clear during Dan's regimen.

Then I read about Botchlas. More to come.

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After I read about Botchlas (and a few other comments), I altered my routine. This is currently what I've been doing, which has gotten me about 90% clear:

Morning: (Summer)

1. C&C Blackhead Clearing Scrub (2% SA) in shower. About 30 seconds, gently, gently.

2. Right after rinsing above off, C&C Continuous Control (5% BP Wash) in shower. About 30 seconds, gently, gently. Rinse off well.

3. Lightly pat face with clean towel.

4. Immediately apply two pumps of Proactiv (leftover) moisturizer (SPF 15) and very gently dab on face and neck while skin is damp. For me, it works much better on damp skin -- significantly decreased the oil production and made my face feel cleaner during the day.

-- face looks ok at this point, but not good. However, after this step has dried in (about ten to fifteen minutes) face looks good -- red marks are faded, pores are tightened and any active acne is dry and not as noticeable. That's a good thing because this summer has been hot and I've been forced to cut out the make-up step for now.

5. Right before I leave the house, I apply Mary Kay mattifier on my T-zone, a little concealer under the eyes, and use a brush to lightly conceal any noticeable spots.


1. Wet face after washing hands.

2. St. Ives Apricot Scrub - non-medicated - Very, very lightly wash and rinse off immediately.

3. Neutrogena Oil Free Wash (2% SA) * a leftover product that I want to get rid of, which worked ok* - wash for about thirty seconds and rinse off.

4. Use a sensitive skin oxy pad (SA) -- while skin is still wet -- to get off any particles of scrub or cleanser that might have been missed by splashing water on face. Then splash water on face again right before drying with a clean towel.

5. BP - Dan's gel (2.5% BP) lightly all over face. *I've found for me it's best not to spend too long working it in -- my face improved when I figured this out.*

6. Neutrogena oil free moisture - two pumps and lightly all over face and neck.

Note that there are still a few things:

* Too many products in evening stage. Right now, I'm trying to use up leftover things which haven't aggrevated my skin but I would like to simplify.

* Between 90-95% clear on this regimen but still wouldn't mind tweaking it a bit to see if I could get 100%.

Would like to try:

* St. Ives medicated scrub (2% SA) but nervous that it might not take up makeup (during winter) without too much "rubbing" like gentler cleansers.

* Witch Hazel or some other toner in place of oxy wipes to remove any leftover traces of product.

* Some sort of AHA product to help with red marks? I have mandelic acid but experienced a bad breakout around the time of using it...could have been something else though since I changed a makeup product around that time (very bad, I know!) and I've been too nervous to re-try it.

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Looks kind of complicated.

I think a combo of dans and botchlas regimen is the best way to do it.

Might i suggest the Proactiv toner, it has glycolic and witch hazel if im not mistaken, refreshes your skin plus it will get rid of excess skin and debris as well as exfoliate to reduce the appearance of redmarks. Knock out 2 birds with 1 stone.

When you get rid of the neutrogena SA wash are you going to use the C nC blackhead scrub in its place?

I like your morning routine, seems very easy. I would probably throw some extra BP on certain trouble areas as well before the moisturizer.

As far as the evening is concerned, you are right.. way too many products.

Best to narrow it down.

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Thanks for the reply, Julian! I know: definitely too many products! The problem is, I'm a walking drugstore and too cheap to part with products that worked for me...I can't seem to throw them away! I do have some of that toner left though, and after you replied I did check the ingredients...funny how I never noticed the witch hazel, since I was thinking of purchasing just a witch hazel toner in place of the oxy pads!

Not sure what I can cut out in the evening though, I still need to think about that. The time isn't the problem...it's actually quite quick and the longest part is the BP step...but I just hate having that many different products on my skin.

I've been tempted to put BP on in the morning but I've tried to stick to the two cleansers only (with the sunscreen/moisturizer) because I'm trying to cut down on the BP...especially in the summer.

Thanks again for your input! I'll keep updating.

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2. St. Ives Apricot Scrub - non-medicated - Very, very lightly wash and rinse off immediately.

3. Neutrogena Oil Free Wash (2% SA) * a leftover product that I want to get rid of, which worked ok* - wash for about thirty seconds and rinse off.

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