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Summit gives up on SMT D002?

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I'm disappointed but not all that surprised. From the moment they announced they're not offering the pill form but tried to reformulate it into a topical I knew sooner or later they're gonna give up. Chances are the topical just doesn't work as half as good as the pill. If only we knew exactly WHAT drug it is......

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I have been waiting for this medication as well. So what does that mean Summit "PLC is no longer committing significant resources to SMT D002" ????? Does it mean that it will never come out???

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"safer than isotretinoin"

doesnt work like that kiddos

I see they tried to evade this by going the topical route, but it is still the same


just get glycerin(soap if you have oily body), same results as accutane

^^i only have mild oily skin

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To my mind Summit are to be condemned for their PR methods. They announced something 'groundbreaking' (not their word, but that is how they presented it in their press releases) and have since failed to follow it up with any meaningful information about it or its commercial prospects.

The baton has probably shifted to Orient Pharma now in terms of development, since they have aquired certain rights.

The only way to get new information on this, rather than speculation, is to contact both companies. It increases pressure on them to make some sort of disclosure of information, if nothing else.

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Interesting news guys.

It seems SMT D002 is a code name to hide the identity of a drug already available in the medical system, for commercial purposes.

After some googling it seems the drug is likely to be Oxybutynin (used to treat bladder problems). Just google SMT D002 and Oxybutynin for some conformation. Oxybutynin is used to also treat hyper-active sweating, which may resemble its use as a sebum inhibitor.

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Wikipedia says there is a topical version of Oxybutynin called Gelnique. This however, is for women with over-active bladder disorder (wtf?)

Anyone crazy enough to use Gelnique to see if it reduces sebum? :think:

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I've been wondering for a while whether SMT D002 is Oxybutynin or not, and was thinking it probably isn't because the people that have tried Oxybutynin report such different experiences from the Summit trial. However, I think I have just changed my mind following some further research.

The Daniolabs patent application for Oxybutynin as a treatment for excess sebum production (http://www.sumobrain.com/patents/wipo/Treatment-excess-sebum-production/WO2007141530.html) refers to DanioLab's study as "the effects of oxybutynin on sebum production in 9 healthy male volunteers".

Summit's interim results to 31 July 2008 say this about their more recent SMT D002 trials: "The results of this trial support a previous Phase I single-dose study conducted in nine volunteers" (http://www.summitplc.com/uploads/interimresults2008final.pdf)

The fact that even the number of participants is the same makes it hard to believe that these are not referring to the same trial. The only reasonable explanation I could think of for such a coincidence was if nine was a standard cohort i.e. the minimum number required - although I have never heard of this being the case.

Also, I didn't think the gel idea made sense but I have just found this article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/art...ating-acne.html. They were talking about a gel formulation (obviously of SMT D002) back in August 2007.

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