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Could Anyone Point Me in the Right Direction?

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I've been struggling with acne for the last five-ish years - with mild acne showing up on my face around 12 years old. In more current times (I'm seventeen), my facial acne has become moderate (verging on severe when "that time of the month" rolls around), with a mixture of black heads, white heads, papules, and pustules, as well has having pretty severe acne on my back and mild acne on my chest.

I've tried a plethora of over the counter products, including Pro-Activ, a few different Neutrogena products, some Clearasil products, some Clean & Clear products, Stridex pads, Acne Free, and a handful of other things but nothing seems to really work.

My skin is naturally a tad bit oily, but becomes tight and dry quickly when I use some products (Stridex being the worst). Pro-Activ actually did work for a while, but my skin quickly went back to what it had been after about two months.

I've considered going to my dermatologist and asking what she could do (maybe Birth Control would help?) but before I do that I was wondering if anyone has any advice they could offer to help me achieve clear skin with an over the counter product - I'd really appreciate anything anybody has to say =]


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As c'est suggests, try the regimen. :) Some people do report that they've had success with the acne.org regimen even after trying and not succeeding with ProActive. You can get the products easily at a local drugstore, too.

If you find after two to three months that the Regimen isn't working for you, a derm visit's a good idea. There's also an interesting thread on Aleve for premenstrual breakouts that some find quite effective.


And for specific, annoying, red lesions see the link in my signature that starts "What to do with..."

Here's my 'blurb' on the Regimen:

Start here for the Regimen step-by-step directions.

Please be sure to read the What to expect page as that helps you see what's normal when you're starting out with the Regimen.

The Biggest Mistakes page will help you determine whether or not you should add that product or change up something with regards to the Regimen.

If you continue to have trouble, Having Trouble? will guide you through a series of questions that will help you pinpoint areas of concern with your use of the Regimen.

There's also a series of Frequently Asked Questions that address the most frequent questions that regularly come up.

Here's a helpful list on Finding Supplies. You can use Dan's products or find the needed gentle cleanser, 2.5% Benzoyl peroxide product, and a gentle, non-comedogenic moisturizer at a local drugstore.

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