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Hi, Im a long time lurker, not much of a poster. But i decided to post for this topic.

Im a male, and does Sex and accutane cause a breakout? I used to have sex alot, and that always never caused a breakout but 2 months ago I went on Accutane 10mg, I know itsa a low dose, but should it cause redness or a breakout? I noticed it did the last four times I did it.

Much thanks guys and gals :)

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My husband was on accutane years ago and I can assure you, sex didn't cause him to break out. He was on accutane for 6 months (had to stop early due to extreme side effects) and has since had clear skin with the odd blemish here and there.

I know that some people experience worse breakouts at some point in the early months of taking the medication, but I've never heard of them being caused from intercourse.

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Thanks for the swift reply. I just wanted to know certain things, I did notice a pattern of the acne flaring up whenver I had sex. But thanks anyways.

Self assurance is always good :)

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No, my husband's side effects went away when he stopped taking the accutane. He became very depressed while taking it and within a few weeks of going off, he was fine. He was 20 when he started taking it and is now 28, so eight years and he's still acne free with no side effects.

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I really think the redness is from accutane. Our skin is so sensitive now. My face turns red even if I am just talking to my friends. It's so embarassing lol! Once you're off accutane, these redness/ breakouts will subside!

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