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5 month treatment compared to 6?

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Would there be any difference like sucess rate or how long my acne stays away if I did 5 months instead of 6? I didn't have severe acne it just would never go away. I think my cumulative dosage would be fine if i did i right.


weight 86kg

comes out to 139 right?

Btw I have been clear for around 1 month and currently have no active pimples on my face.

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I did a 5 month course instead of 6. Did not have severe acne at all....ive been off for a few months now and everythings been fantastic!! Id say by beginning of month 4 I was clear.

You may definately not need the 6 months.

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I'm also doing a 5 month course with 7 days left. Been clear for 2 months now but had red/sunburnt looking gross skin on the way. Can't wait for that to be over.

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It really depends on the person. The first time I was on accutane a few years ago, I did 5 months and my acne started to come back a month after. I was probably trying out new products, I don't remember. Right now, I am done 5 months, but the derma gave me 6 months. I really hope 2nd time is the charm because accutane has gave me constant dry eyes and it doesn't help that I wear contacts.

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yeah i've been clear for about 1 month just a pimple here and there, but im goning to definatly look into go 5 instead of 6 thanks.

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it's not how long you take it for it's the total dose, so if you get the total dose in in 5 months that's fine. I am finishing month 5 and am done. She said I could've gone lower on my daily dose and gone longer, but I wanted to be done and my side effects were tolerable.

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