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Choosing the right road :/

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Uh yeah, idk why I wrote the title like that XD. Another way of saying: "Choosing the right products for my skin among (what seems like) hundreds of different products".

I hope I do this right. And then I'll welcome you to my journey into the jungle ;p.

I've tried many products in these, soon four years. In Denmark, though, there aren't many "famous" products to choose. Those I've tried are: "Matas", "Clinique", "Clearface", "Clearasil" (only one of the "steps", tho), "Garnier" (SUCKS), "IQQU" and I'm sure I've tried another one. Anyway, the best was probably IQQU, but it still wasn't enough. And I'm sure some of you have heard of Clinique - but I didn't notice anything. It didn't do anything good or bad. Or, yes, it did make my face feel clean, but that's it.

Lately I've started using some products from "Avène". The first few days it made the redness fade and made my face feel good - I could feel the product working. And I love it. It's like the feeling of getting revenge of all the pain, my skin has caused me to have. I won't comment this further in this topic, since it doesn't fit "Personal regimen logs". Anyway, lately, my skin has started feeling very sensitive. And when I apply the Avène products, it almost hurts! The redness has increased a lot! And I think my skin looks a bit mis-treated on the left side. I've decided to use some home-made products for a short while, until my skin recovers a bit. Then I'll try using it again, but not as much, like, only at night.

The home-made remidies looks like this:

1st step:

1½ dl. yoghurt

2 tablespoons of lemonjuice

3 tablespoons of chaminoille tea

2nd step:

Just some lemonjuice ;)

3rd step:

Vitamin E

Morning and evening.

Yeah. Any ideas or comments are appreciated :).

Sorry if something is spelled or said wrong; English is my second language, not my first xD.

EDIT: I just applied it.. And OMG.. What happend to my face?! Noo! Avène totally screwed it up! It's red and cracky and stinging. And even the 1st step hurts! My face isn't sensitive, but it is NOW! And these products are made for "sensitive skin". Oh god, what about those, who have sensitive skin, and uses this?

But seriously, what happend?! AFAIK, I'm not allergic to anything. This is completely new to me. And terrible. I'm going to ask the girl who sold it to me! Oh my.. This is terrible!

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12/6 - Day 2 - morning

Okay, the redness has reduced A LOT! My right cheek looks pretty good (which means that I'm back to where I was before using Avène), but my left still looks bad. It isn't that red anymore, but the skin looks like it has been rubbed with sandpaper :/. I'm not sure if the products are SUPPOSED to make a "clean up" or what, but I'm definitely going to be more causious using it. I think I'm only going to use the night cream, but only every 2nd or 3rd day.

But since I've currently left the "real" products, my skin is breaking out :/. Not good. I was sorta expecting it, but not this early.

Tonight I'm going to go back to my "old" products, since they worked better than what I'm using now and Avène. But I'll still be using the night cream.

OH, btw! This Wednesday, I'm going to a.. Cosmetician? I think you are using another word.. Derm..? NAHH, you know what I mean! :D. I'm going to have a face treatment and a skin analysis. I really hope it's going well. If my skin likes the products, I could maybe even buy a "start kit", since it's only half the price of the Avène products! Wuut! Anyway, until then, I'm going to be veeerryy gentle to my skin :3.

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14/6 - Day 4 - night

It's actually the 15th, since the clock just passed midnight, but... Yeah..

I was planning on going to bed (I am still brushing teeth), but I noticed something very interesting in the mirror. It seems my left cheek has somewhat recovered... AND.. The scars is fading, it seems. Well, they seem less red than before the breakout. I really hope they will continue fading! Those damn scars is much worse than zits! At least zits will go away by themselves SOMEDAY. Btw zits, it looks like the breakout on the sides is getting worse. Looks like zits, but honestly, I don't care about them. I guess my self esteem can't get any lower anyway.

My chin is going crazy xD. I usually don't get zits or anything, but currently, there are a bunch of tiny zits. It's quite usual for me to get them (in Danish are they called "talgknopper". "Talg" = "tallow", "knopper" = "knobs"). Some information about them:

Packhunter - they are always coming more than 3 at once

Meat-eater - they wish to see you suffer

Attacking at day light - you can't hide them while being outside (just like zits, but when there are so many, it's making you look terrible).

Hard to kill - more difficult to get rid of than zits

They can attack you anywhere, but their prefered area is the head and arms

Smart - they look very innocent at start, but they can grow bigger and darker

Has a good camouflage - they are the same colour as the skin (in the start).


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16/6 - Day 6 - afternoon

Yup, today I've been to the derm/cosmetician. Well, the treatment was.. Uhh.. It hurt. Well, the treatment took about an hour, and a lot of that time was used on using a needle to stick down into my "zits" (well, the zits and everything that looked like a zit). That part didn't really hurt, but when she started to "massage" it (I guess she wanted the tallow/bacteria/whatever out), it really hurt. I tried to not say 'ouch' or something like that, but it was really hard. And she also wanted to clear a small part of my ears. I'm happy she didn't do the exact same thing, since my ears are very sensitive (I went through an operation last year). Well, my skin looks... It doesn't really look better. It looks softer, but more "bumpy". The zits I have looks bigger. My skin is as soft as it looks, but I still prefer it the other way. I just hope it was worth it.

I'm running dry. I don't know if I want to try the Avène products again, or if I should start a completely new product-series. It's just a bit weird to have some products, which are slightly expensive, and not use them. I don't like wasting things.

At the same time, I consider trying to change my way of living. Like, stay away from unheathly food (even though I haven't seen any changes on my skin after eating something unheathly) and get a bit more exercise. I also want to get a bit sun. Okay, a lot of sun, since it's very hard for me to get brown.

Currently, I'll try to make some exercise (about 10 minutes) morning and evening, and spend at least two hours outside during the day (unless it's raining ..). And of course drink a lot of water. Yeah. I'll try that. For a week I guess. I'm not sure, though, since the next couple of days are going to be very busy, with two parties :D. But yeah, I'll try anyway.

And I'll stop updating every second day xD.

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19/6 - Day 9 - afternoon

Yesterday, I was to a party. I didn't get drunk, but I did get dizzy :P. However, I haven't got any breakouts, which is good! Last time, I got a breakout, but I think it was because I skipped using my skin products, when I came home (I was sooo tired). I could have eaten chips, too, but I didn't want to take the chance. I mean, many people seem to breakout from chips, so I have the feeling I would, too.

I slept almost 11 hours...! Wooo, it was so nice! What a great way to start the summer holiday XD. Anyway, back to the topic! My skin looks okay, I guess. I'm pretty much back to where I started. Though! My scars on the right cheeck is fading a lot! :D. I'm so happy, it's actually pretty close to being "clean". My right cheeck is still looking like a mess, and I'm not sure if anything is fading or what. I'm still pretty close on running dry. I've just started using the Avène products on my forehead, since my right side hasn't got any breakouts, and it seems to be recovering slowly. BUT! I'm getting suspicious on the night cream! I applied a small amount on one side of my nose, and today it's red. I think I'll stop using it, and see what happens.

*Sigh*. Most of all, I want to try some natural products. I just don't dare right now. On Tuesday, I'm going to get my marks from the exams, and going to celebrate it. And I don't want to look like crap. No thanks!

I'm really considering buying either the Jojoba oil or the Emu oil. I don't like the idea of Emu oil, though. Those poor Emus :(.

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20/6 - Day 10 - Noon

Quick update! After I stopped using the night cream, I clearly see how the areas are getting less and less red. I really don't know what's in that cream, that makes my skin red.

Left cheek: still looking like a mess. No improvement

Right cheek: scars are so small now! :D. The zit is slowly getting smaller.

Left side: only one zit and some scars. I hope they'll leave soon (if not, I can make them! HAHA)

Right side: less red, the zits are "flat". Scars.

Forhead: Really no zits, but some scars. I have the feeling they won't ever go away.

Nose & chin are good :).

Last night, I dreamt I found Dans products O_O. I remember being quite happy about it, but I need some products to help the scars, not the zits, I guess.

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28/6 - Day 18 - Night

Quick update, on my way to bed.

I'm breaking out! Only around my chin- and mouth-area, it seems. In fact, that's quite unusual. Usually, it's on the sides or around my nose (not ON the nose, though). I don't know why I'm breaking out. It could be because of the lack of excercise or because I'm trying to get brown, outside (surprise!). Or it could be because it's soon my period. Idk. It could also be all three options mixed together.

Appearently, the small, camuflaged pack-hunters can be called "whiteheads". So they have two names in Danish. How confusing! (Just like the word "sky". It can mean "cloud", "shy" and "gravy" - confusing much!)

Some good news! I ordered some Emu Oil last Thursday, so it MAY be here tomorrow. Only if I'm lucky. If not, it'll probably arrive on Wednesday. I'm pretty excited about it ("HOW EXCITING" anyone? :D).

I just realised I'm talking way too much in parentheses.

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13/7 - 2010 - Day 33 - afternoon

Things is getting worse. I'm trying to drink 2 liter water each day and drink a few cups of green tea, plus taking my daily vitamin pill (I used to refuse, since I prefer the natural way - getting all the vitamins with fruit 'n stuff). About a week ago, I started using Emu oil. It's like a gift from heaven, lol. It works great with the redness! My red marks are getting smaller.

The day after, I also started taking Zink supply. I had expected breakouts the first couple days. But after a week, I was still getting breakouts! :S. So I've stopped taking Zink, for now. And I'm only applying the Emu Oil on my cheeks. If I'm still getting pimples on my forehead, I need something completely else, since it's very unusual for me to get breakouts there.

Yesterday, I was at the doctor. Last time I was there, was when a window had broken, and I was bleeding all-over my hands. I still have scars left from that accident. Lol. That was actually a good time! I didn't feel any pain, until he needed to sew two of my wounds, without any sedation (they were too small). Anyway, this was the first time I ever went to a doctor, to get advise and help on my acne. He told me, that he didn't want to start on any new products, due to the summer-sun. He explained to me, that it would make my skin red-ish and very sensitive to the sun. I already knew this, but I had hoped he would do something NOW :/. But all this points to, that he actually are going to pick the "bigger guns" for this. Which is good! And then he advised me to use "sun & saltwater" until August. Which I already do. Heh. Even though people can't see it on my skincolour (I could be mistaken to be a vampire in the winter!). XD.

Tomorrow, I'm going on vacation for a week, to Thassos, a greek island. I just have to forget about my acne and have a great time!

Happy holidays!

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