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Going grocery shopping!

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Hi everyone :)

I'm trying out a new, healthier diet to see if it has any positive effect on my skin.

I'm going grocery shopping today. What are some items that are good and healthy that I should definitely pick up?


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Shop around the perimeter of the store and stick to whole foods. Most processed foods are in the aisles.

Hummus (I like athenos brand or make it myself) and bell peppers and cucumber to dip with


Granny smith apples


Nut butters (natural w/o added sugar or oil)

Coconut Oil

Coconut milk

Currie powders

sea salt

white pepper

stevia and xylitol (keep xylitol away from pets - small amounts can kill them if eaten)

ghee (cheaper if you learn to make it yourself)

Natural beef, chicken and turkey

Broccoli and cauliflower

Dark leafy greens like spinach and lettuce (romaine, bibb and butter are my faves)

I like to use bibb and butter lettuce to make lettuce wraps - great for replacing tortillas

Garlic, onions, shallots & scallions

Cilantro, parsley


Zucchini and squash

Sweet potatoes and red potatoes

Olive Oil

Sesame oil

Brown rice

Green tea and rooibos tea

If you do dairy; full fat greek yogurt (buy plain and add stevia and fruit to sweeten) and white cheeses

For an occasional treat: tostidos natural blue corn chips or I'll pop organic popcorn in coconut oil and top with ghee, sea salt and stevia (very addicting)

fresh salsa

I'll treat myself to agave nectar from time to time.

Unsweetened almond milk on occasion

I like to keep cans of tomatoes and/or sauce, natural tuna and natural boxed chicken stock on hand as well. I try not to use boxed or canned foods but they can be convenient if you are in a hurry.

Occasionally use bean thread noodles and rice noodles (asian section). Bean thread noodles are great in soups and also mixed with ground meat in lettuce wraps.

Cook with coconut oil or ghee (I hear avocado oil is good too) as they have a high smoke point. Most natural oils release free radicals when heated over 250 degrees. Use olive oil to make cold dressings. Never buy hydrogenated (or partially) oil.

If you do buy something in a box or a can, check ingredients to make sure there is no msg or aspartame (they are in practically everything)

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