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Hi all,

I am on my 2nd day of 10mg a day. Is there anyone else out there on this dose? Did you get an IB? If so, when did you get it? I am absolutely terrified of it happening :( mainly because I find it so difficult to face the world when my face is bad....

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Hey what type of acne do you have? Like severe, cystic or mild/moderate. Also were you on other antibiotics and topicals before accutane?

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Hey I have mainly non inflamed acne. Blackheads on forehead and nose and sebum "plugs" (hard white blocked pores in chin that only clear by extraction or occasionally become inflamed spots, painful sometimes!). Chin is the oiliest area. My whole face is SO oily as well, half an hour after shower I am an oil slick!

Have just been on lymecycline (tetralysal) and Differin topical. I have also been on Dianette since November. Loved the differin because it made me much less red than BP but it hasn't helped the oiliness at all.

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I'm on the same dosage as you although i should be on a higher dosage but doc say 10mg.

I just completed month 2. For the first few weeks it's been tough on me but i saw quite an improvement on the end of my first month. When i wake up now my face is less oily. IB is worse for me because i do have severe acne. Just be patient. The cyst on my face are drying out and family members are commenting on it's effectiveness or just wanna make me feel better.

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I'm on month 10 of 10 mg/day (weigh ~180 lbs). The results (knock on wood) have been terrific. Didn't have much of an initial breakout. If I recall, about 2-3 weeks into the course, I had what I would call the "final flare" of 2 or 3 deeper pimples. Since then, I've had an occasional harmless "surface pimple" that never really turns into much at all. It usually is gone by the next morning. I've been very happy with the results, and I wish more derms would see that there are positive cases of low dose accutane helping those with cases of mild but persistent acne.

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