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Hi all, anyone here is from Malaysia ?

May I know whr you guy buy 2.5BP ?

Mind to share the best regimen product you using and whr to get it ?

Anyone here is ordering DAN product ?

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Hi! I'm from Malaysia too! I just discovered this site yesterday so I've yet to buy the products. I can't order Dan's products, so I'm going to hunt the pharmacies for the stuff... I've never seen the products recommended on this site in Malaysia before so I'm also kind of worried and I hope someone else can answer this.

Do tell me if you can find the stuff here. :]

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Hi, i am from Klang, Selangor. I discovered this website 2 years ago while trying hard to search for a suitable acne product for my husband. I was wary at first however decided to ask him to give it a try since nothing here worked for him. The first few months was a struggle and he almost gave up. I had to keep encouraging him as well as applying the products on him (man, u can't expect he can be gentle with his hands!). It took us close to 3 mths to get used of the products and notificing the differences. Now 2 years down the road, i can't say he is totally free from acne but at least it is under control. Once in a while, his "buddies" will still "visit" him but he is very grateful for that. At least, no more "pizza" face for him now.

You can just start with the regime but one thing for sure, u need strong determination. Don't give up easily. Sometimes it takes longer to see the result. Good luck!

*Moderator edit, no advertising - read the board rules*

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Hii, i stay at petaling jaya.. I am very interested to buy dan product. I want to share buying dan product, because the shipping cost is so expensive. Please contact me at my email, [email protected]

Thanks u very much..

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Hii, i stay in perak.. I am interested to buy the regimen kit and would like to share buying it as the shipping cost is quite expensive. Please contact me at my email, [email protected]


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Hi guys, I've orderd mine from Amazon.com and it tooks 10 days to get to me. Very happy with the service and the product itself.

The regimen kit is $38.55. Shipping and handling is $19.60. In MYR it is 196.19. I think it would be better if you share your orders to save on the shipping fee!

Best regards,


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