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what really changes when acne clears

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........... im done with breakouts, now i jus have scars on my cheeks, im not to worried about it, coz once ive moisterised they dont look to bad and i use an anti breakout cover stick

but really ... nothing changes, your still in an 'acne' mindset, i was on a bus bout 8 in the morning really bright day, and the sun was beating down on my face and i didnt want anyone to look at my face in such a bright light , or wen im ina place full of people i still kinda feel shy

people should really tackle there fears with acne, like be more sociable, im not saying its easy but thinking back to when i had it really bad i let so many things in life pass by

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It is as hard to tackle your fears with acne, as it with without.

This is a forum about acne. thus it is hard to converse a point of view which does not involve acne as a core reason for lack of self esteem or self importance.

I can say, without professional help it may be hard to overcome ones incompetence & self esteem issues. this is not say it can't be done alone, it requires self discipline and determination, but you yourself can overcome anything.

Mediation is a path you can take yourself without external help. this is not an easier or wiser path to take just an option. it requires research and determination. I say any road you can take to being happy and confident take it. If you have to pay someone to help you so be it. I will never not recommend professional help.

The worst thing you can do is just 'grin and bear it', hope your inner demons pass and live your life with a feeling of self dissatisfaction. everyone deserves happiness. regardless if you believe it or not.

The easiest thing to do is change. ring a free counselling hotline, if they cannot help you themselves they can refer you to someone that will help, seriously! you don't need to have faith in Christ or God or Allah, just yourself.

Never ignore a feeling of despair, don't keep thinking that it will all get better after 'this next obstacle'. find help now. it all starts with you no matter how the help comes to you. we all want to become a better and happier person, don't we?

I don't endorse any specific method, all I endorse is helping yourself.

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