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Whole face redness

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Following my application of the regimen, my whole face goes red, and stings and burns. The stinging and the burning withers away but my face remains bright red?

This only occurs once i have applied moisturiser to my face, the third step. any help?

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Happens to me too -- I had to cut down on the amount of BP I was using a little bit and work back up. From what I've read it's your skin repairing itself and will eventually decrease. Mine finally is - some days are better than others. You could also try another moisturizer, but I've done that and it didn't seem to help.

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:( didnt want to have to cut down but it must be that because ive recently increased my amount of BP to a fingers length. sucks, until it clears i "fell asleep in the sun"
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Yeah, I was hoping people would think it was sun related too because it's finally starting to get warm....glad it wasn't middle of winter. Unfortunately my face peeled like it was a sunburn too --- but then once that was over with it's been great, only redness once and a while. I found vegetable glycerin mixed with my moisturizer at night helped a lot because it's healing. You can even get glycerin at the pharmacy that's for minor burns and skin irritations.

The good thing is it will get better just like a sunburn, but you have to be really careful not to keep causing one burn after the other and take it slow.

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I had an occurence like that for a few days, this was my 2nd week on DK's regimen. I stopped when my face swelled up :( It seems that I'm allergic to the stuff.

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