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DKR transforms acne into red spots?

Hello all!

I'm in my second week of using this product and it has already cleared up a lot of my acne. However, it has left in its place a bunch of red spots/marks. I used to have acne clear slowly on it's own, one pimple at a time(while 3 new ones formed), but it would not leave red spots. This regimen cleared a lot of my acne so far, but is leaving red spots behind. What can I do, I'm really desperate here. I was really excited when my face began to clear as I thought this was what I've been waiting for. Any input is valued. Thanks

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The red marks are called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and they'll fade with time. You can read up on PIH here.

We also have a whole board dedicated to these marks--the Red/Dark Marks Left After Acne board. You can find a lot of support there, as well as threads on methods people have used to help fade their PIH. (Keep in mind, though, that you shouldn't change or add steps to The Regimen until you're completely clear.)

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The biggest source of the red patches is actually the result of "rubbing the BP in" during the treatment.

Just dab it on the skin, then spread it around extremely gently, with the very tips of your fingers just lightly touching the skin, until it forms a layer that feels close to wet, fresh paint. Then just leave it on, and go away for 10 minutes to let it oxygenate the skin and evaporate away.

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