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Exfoliator beads stuck under skin IN PAIN

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So I think I have been scrubbing too hard with my exfoliator. I have had bad skin forever UGH. I know for a fact that the beads have gotten stuck beneath my skin in pores or in open pimples. I have actively found them in there because they are bright blue. Recently there became a huge MOUND on my face and it feels like there are beads pinching beneath my skin and that it has filled with cleanser. It hurts so bad! I don't know what to do...

How do I get them out and how will it heal?

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dont scrub too hard now lol, some people are against exfoliation because microperforations can occur and cause more bacteria to accumulate. But this is the first ive heard of forcing the beads into your skin. Go gentle you wanna exfoliate not rip your skin off (although some of us want to) Your skin will eventually force em out but you might get a new zit cause of the bacteria surrounding it. Its kind of like a splinter you can leave it in and your skin will slowly grow and itll fall out, but sometimes you can get an infection if you leave it in.

My advice get a new face wash that uses salicylic acid if you wanna exfoliate

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