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Hi all,

I'm new (wish my skin was). Ive had acne since 12 yrs old... now im 45 and left with the dreaded acne scars,. and just to add insult to injury, i developed hypo-pigmentation after a dermabrasion.. (mostly hyperpig at that point.. yet another pastic surgeon later, said i need a tca peel.

My nitemare then got worse, 2/3yrs ago i develpoed full face vitiligo..(i think) with some hyper patches. life sucks... i cant even find makeup that will hide this totally freakish snow white colour. and i have STILL incredibly oily skin. and if things couldent get much worse.. im now premenapausal, and some acne cysts/pustuals are beginging again... cheers hormons.

My question is... Does anyone know how to cover this stark whiteness, and will it stay put all day, cos of my oily skin?

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Hi, sweet wishes. Welcome to acne.org. I don't know how you can cover the white patches so I'm going to move this thread to the cosmetic/beauty section. Perhaps you can get some great tips there.

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You could try Dermablend. It probably has the most extreme coverage of all makeup out there.

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