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Bulimia and accutane

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I don't know that there have been any studies done that would give information as to what exactly happens as they don't really even know ALL the side effects of that drug yet. But bulemia will kill a person if they continue on. I couldn't imagine that poor persons body to be using accutane which already so so so hard on a persons body and then to throw bulemia in the mix. :(

I feel so sad for that person, and will keep them in my thoughts and prayers! Please be sure to tell them that they need to seek help ASAP!

Please also tell that GOD loves them :D

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Anyone knows anyone who has eating disorders such as Bulimia while on accutane, and what are the risks associated with it.

The side effects can be greatly magnified since bulimia interferes with electrolyte balance; even with cardiac function. The constant vomiting can lead to esophageal erosion as well, intensified by the drying effect of Accutane. Not wise at all. Seek treatment for the bulimia and avoid Accutane while in active bulimia.

Also, the enamel erosion by the vomiting can lead to dental caries because of less saliva due to Accutane. There are more risks than that, but that's all I could immediately remember.

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