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Over three months on regimen: sudden cystic acne breakout

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Hi everyone...

I don't usually break out with cystic acne. I stopped the regimen for awhile (I was at two pumps once a day with clear skin before I weaned myself off). A few months ago (slightly over 3 months now) I restarted the regimen and the congested skin and minor breakouts I was dealing with cleared. Ever since then I've been breaking out every few weeks with horrible cystic acne. WTF is going on?

At first I thought... okay maybe this is my skin purging itself.

Then I though... maybe this is the clarisonic I'm using, so I went back to the exact specifications on the regimen, except twice per day, because other than the cystic acne breakouts (that I rarely dealt with before this time) my skin is fine.

Right now I'm using Trader Joe's Enrich moisturizer and I was thinking maybe that's it... but I realized that these breakouts have been happening every few weeks since I started the regimen, regardless of what else I was doing.... or eating... or feeling...

So, I'm pretty sure it's the regimen... but I'm not sure why?! I mean, it did not cause me this problem before. It cleared up my skin without any bad reactions, except very dry skin from twice a day which is why I cut it down to once a day. Also, I've taken Dan's test to make sure I'm doing every right. I've taken it multiple times. And, other than twice a day BP, I'm doing everything to a T.

I know many of you will tell me to amp it up twice a day... and today I will do that, because, at this point, I'm starting to panic with no other options. But I'm very worried that will make it worse because I'm starting to think maybe it's the bp doing this to my skin.

It just doesn't make sense that its clearing up the regular acne I have but allowing for cystic acne to come through when I didn't have cystic acne before

Can it be causing my cystic acne?

somebody somebody anybody... why is this HAPPENING?!

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Where do you have the cysts? It is correlated with you period?

Your cysts are big? If you use Dan's regimen once a day, perhaps you can try Tea Tree Oil soap when you do not use the regimen (this is just a test)

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thanks for the reply and the suggestion. I am breaking out under my cheeks right now, but over the previous weeks I had had cysts on the sides of my face too.

And it does not seem to be correlated with hormones for me, my face just keeps breaking out with new cysts every two-three weeks.

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I had gotten to clear skin on the regimen which was pretty straight forward and fast, then I stopped cold turkey because of dry skin and about 3 weeks later I had a horrible break out. I started the regimen again and it took longer and had a lot of ups and downs. It's now about 4 months since I started the regimen for the second time and I finally have mostly clear skin again --- but it was harder the second time around for some reason.

Could be the case with you too?

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Maybe? I can only hope.

I'm not quitting the regimen yet... I keep hoping a few more weeks and I'll finally start staying clear of cystic breakouts but that has not been the case.

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I just started the regimen about a month ago for my first time. My skin has cleared up dramatically, with the exception of cystic acne. I have had more cystic acne since I've started it than ever. I have been doing warm compresses over and over throughout the day (I use a rice bag), which has helped, and I put some salt/baking soda/water paste on the cysts until the mixture is completely dry. Then I wash it off. The compresses/baking soda paste helps bring the cyst to a head. I was able to peel a layer of skin off and pop it a little. Some pus (but mostly blood) came out. I did this last night. It's scabbed up now and I will do the same thing tomorrow until the cyst is gone. It was seriously HUGE, and after bringing it to a head and popping it, it's smaller. At least now I can leave my house. :) I hope this helps. I don't know if it's the regiment causing the cysts or something else. I just ordered 10% glycolic acid and am going to use that nightly mixed with my moisturizer to see if that helps. Good luck. Cystic acne is the WORST!!

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Your skin becomes dependent on BP killing the p.acne bacteria in your skin. Coming off it your skin will need time to adjust to having to fight that type of bacteria on its own. This is very common in people who stop using BP and there isn't much you can do but wait it out or go back on.

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