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Blue/Red Light - How long - How often

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Hey guys don't know if this thread already exists but basically just got a red/blue light and I want to know from long term users how often or for how long did you use yours for the best results? Did you use it once of twice a day? Did you just use it a couple of times a week. Did you use it for 5, 10 or 20 minutes. That sort of thing. Really curious to know if using it morning plus night would work faster, especially with the red light, pretty clear lately but got some nice red marks which have decided they want to be friends... my mum says they are a bad influence though... :naughty:

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I suffered from acne for 15 years and the only thing that sorted it for me was red/blue light therapy. I'm a bit evangelical about encouraging fellow sufferers to try it cos it worked so well for me. More info and research trials results

I think the key is to make sure you do it every day for 15 mins for the first few months then you can do the light therapy less frequently. It can be hard to find time to do this but it is essential to discipline yourself as otherwise the treatment won't be effective.

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Hi Cab,

I work for Lumie, A company that specialises in Light Therapy and we actually have a product using both Blue and Red LED lights for the treatment of Acne.

We suggest you use it 15 minutes per day, but don't forget that is for each area so if you are treating multiple areas for acne, then take into consideration it will be 15 minutes for each.

Hope this helps and good luck with the treatment!

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im really glad that this topic popped up

are you using the lumie clear yourself Carlybrown09?

iv been seriously considering buying it for my birthday recently as my antibiotics have stopped working.

good luck everyone whos beginning it!

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Hi Miles,

A colleague of mine has been using it on her back for the past couple of weeks and she is seeing definitive results, less inflammation and no new spots!

I personally don't use it but we’ve received some very positive feedback from customers who are seeing excellent results from using the Lumie Clear – if you have a look on our forum, some people have been providing regular posts about their treatment.

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hi Cab,

I bought a carribean sunbox which has red and blue for the family.

The teenager uses it 3 days in a row once a week now as I found the logarithmic kill information on a website said the bacteria were reduced to virtually nil by this time. When we first got it he used it daily for about two weeks to get good control. It was good but not 100%

till I also added vitamin b5. We gradually increased the dosage up to 4 a day and after only 2 weeks stepped it down quickly then stopped.

It is hard to get him to do it preventatively - it is actually quite a long time sitting there for 9 mins. Also he takes 500mg vitamin c a day and cleans his face at least once a day with a clarisonic and uses body shop 'pore perfect' on the t zone to control oil. He was doing it twice a day as he gets what looks like Keratosis Pilaris (uninflamed blocked pores) on the forehead and temples and his skin was so nice after a week. No more 'little bumps'.

He had a bad breakout after a holiday recently and I had to put him back on megadose B5 for a couple of days but it was nowhere like a full dose - he only took one or two tablets and the lightbox did the rest. We hit the worst zits and the 2 zits on his neck with thursday plantation Teatree oil stick which is great ( much nicer than the benzoyl peroxide bought from here as it feels gentler and is clear - I think i can throw the BP out now!) We have never used the light box on the neck.

I would like to use the redlight every other day for my wrinkles but probably only get 'facial' time once a week :)

His older brother has cystic acne after failing with the usual antibiotics, Differin and was getting pretty good result from a daily 9min session with it, more than halved his acne but as i said it is boring and it was so hard to make sure they had done a treatment, let alone also washed their faces properly twice a day.

When he left home for uni i kept the box at home for his baby bro since it is expensive and i was sure he would just stick it in a drawer and now his acne is so horrible it makes me want to cry looking at the scars. I am trying to get him to do the box again with B5 this time.

I don't think the lightbox works on its own.

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Hey guys,

Im currently using Lumie Clear red and blue light therapy for my facial acne. Ive been using it now for 4 weeks and its made a real difference for me.

Im actually trialling it for the company and blogging about my experience weekly on this site (see lumieblogger blog).

I really really recommend it so far. They recommend using it for 12 weeks at least to see results but after 4 weeks my face is so much less red and inflammed, and Im getting way less new spots.

Before this ive tried cream after cream and nothing worked.

In answer to how to use it for best results, you really do need to use it daily as Ive found that just missing a couple of days means its not as effective (see my week 2 blog- I missed a couple of days). If you use the Lumie (I dont know about other light therapies) it tells you in the instruction booklet how long to use it for daily depending on the distance you use it from the treatment area. So I use it right next to my skin for 15mins aday and its really helping me. Like I said if you do miss some treatments it might mean that you wont get results so quickly.

So all in all, the fastest way to get it working and seeing some good results is regular treatment- do it for 30mins up close to your skin if you have time! I have when I can- I do it just before I go to sleep- and the next day it really seems to have reduced redness.

Hope this helps- my blog is on this site, so see it for weekly updates if you are still wondering whether to go for it!


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