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Finally success

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This may be a little long but first let me give you some background. I am a 57 year old female and this is the only thing I have ever posted on the internet but I feel I need to let my fellow acne sufferers know the success I have had with spironolactone. Over the years I like many others have tried everything since I was 13 from home remedies, antibiotics, laser treatments, zeno, most over the counter medicines to accutane with little or no change in my condition. I have always had breakouts, some mild some more difficult to control. After a particularly bad breakout I did some research on this site and read everything I could find and tried a lot of the suggestions. The thing that really sounded to me like the type of acne I had was due to hormones. I am menopausal and on hormone therapy but that did not seem to make a difference in my breakouts since I have always broken out for years. Because I do not have insurance coverage that pays for doctors visits I decided to ask my gynocologist when I went for my yearly exam if she would prescribe spironolactone. What a difference this has made for me! I have been on 50mg for about 2 months and have had little or no new breakouts. This really has made the biggest difference in my skin than any other thing I have ever tried. I really have not had the side effects that others have mentioned. I really urge you to give this a try to see if you have the same great results I have had. Also I decided to try and give my skin a more gentle natural approach I no longer use the harsh drying chemicals I used to slather on day and night.

I am now washing with Purpose soap day and night. At night I lather twice to clean my makeup off. I use a mixture of Braggs apple cider vinegar mixed with water as a toner. Then I use a mixture of jojoba oil and tea tree oil on a cotton ball all over. My skin is not sensitive so I have been able to use tea tree oil strait out of the bottle not mixed with a carrier oil. I never put any kind of oil on my face before but I just believe now that drying your face out so much causes the skin to overreact and produce even more oil making the problem worse. I really hope this post helps others because I know how depressing this can be. I wish I had discovered this drug years ago.

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I am so happy this is working for you! I also use a natural approach to skincare. I'm planning on starting progesterone cream during my next cycle but am a little weary. I guess I'm just afraid of messing with hormones. I know my acne is attributed to hormones and have a very very strong feeling it is due to androgen dominance. I have read that progesterone works in a way that it binds testosterone (sort of in the way that spiro mimics the progesterone found in birth control) so I really do want to try that out.

Spironolactone is my second choice...only because I'd rather give natural hormones a try before trying out the synthetic. I have heard such great success stories with this though!

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i am so happy for you! i am 47 and have had terrible cystic acne since 19!!!! i still get it but no longer have medical insurance so i approach it holistically with B5, EPR, etc.

i hope it continues to work for you. this acne thing is no joke and is VERY DEPRESSING.

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