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Has anyone successfully eliminated blackheads?

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I was just wondering if anyone has been able to completely eliminate their blackheads? I havn't read one post where someone got rid of them completely. Maybe it is impossible. I have been using nucelle mandelic acid and havn't noticed any difference at all. I thought this would be the product that would finally get rid of them, but now i'm beginning to wonder if blackheads are something that just aren't going to go away once you've got them. I've been getting blackheads since i was 14, i am now 22 and they just keep getting worse. It seems every pore in my nose is clogged. And even if you squeeze them they come back the next day. I am just tired of this. Sorry i am just venting, but i really would like to know if anyone has had success. I am also interested in diet changes for getting rid of them.

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Yea I think when blackheads multiply throughout a large enough region, they become hard to get rid of. Though I also the people who beat blackheads have permanent slighty enlarged pores, or not slightly, for my mom its slight.

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Yes! I think I found something that keeps the blackheads away, and eliminates the ones that are currently on your face! I was prescribe Finacea last week, and every morning, I wake up and the blackheads that were once on my face are gone. When I mean "gone" there is a very small red spot on my face, but no more blackhead there. I have also noticed that after I wash my face, the blackheads seem to be almost half way out of my skin, by saying that, I mean that they are easily extracting themselves and not coming back. So far, I have seen amazing results, and when I red more in depth about Finacea, it makes sense.

Read for yourself!


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I've had blackheads my entire life. I have combination skin, so I have excess oil and large pores on my cheeks, chin and nose, and depending on the weather those areas are either EXTREMELY dry and flaking or excess oil.

I have/had very noticeable blackheads on my nose, cheeks and chin, they were very deep, and I have very active pores which are clogged the next day after doing a full extraction the night before! It was getting to the point of it being ridiculous because I started having really bumpy skin no matter how much I exfoliated, every pore was just clogged and full of blackheads no matter what treatment I used.

I've used everything under the sun in drug stores for blackheads, nothing ever worked, (Biore, Neutrogena, Aveeno, Clean and Clear, etc) and I have tried prescription acne medication but it made my skin flake, and get so red that I don't even bother with that anymore.

I recently came across a cleansing method called the Oil Cleanse Method... I saw a few posts about it on this site, but the ones I saw were dated 2008 so I obviously didn't want to post on a non-active thread.

I saw loads of good reviews and I'm on my 2nd week of OCM. I use a mixture of jojoba and castor oil and I rub my face for a good 5-10 minutes every night and then put a hot wash cloth on my face to open the pores about 3x.

I really didn't see results immediately, it took a good week for me to start getting results that some people talked about. Only about two days ago have I noticed plugs w/ blackheads in them basically jumping out of my face. (literally). When I rub my face with the oil, for the past 2 days, I've felt a "gritty" feeling, I looked at my hands and I saw a number of plugs that had just come out and a black tip in them. (the blackhead).

After I do the hot wash cloth i examine my face. All of the blackheads rise to the surface and are so easy to extract with basically any effort.

After two weeks using OCM the blackheads on my nose? Virtually gone. I'd have to say I see an 85% reduction of how noticeable they were. The blackheads that were all over my cheeks? Entirely gone, and the pore size has diminished so much.

The chin area is a little tougher as I've had these blackheads every since I can remember and they are very deep, but the blackheads in the crease of my chin are not as dark and I feel in time they will eventually come out like the ones in my nose and cheeks.

I love how this method works better than any medication I've ever used, it's all natural, does not irritate and it's cheap.

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interesting, but I am still skeptical, especially for severe cases like mine. I will investigate and maybe try this.


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no, so far I haven't come across a product/method that can totally remove blackheads.

I have used strips and gels and exfoliators and squeezing.

Strips can't be used often as it will enlarge your pores. I did it once every 3 days and my pores became larger! I stopped and they became smaller. Although I do have large pores to begin with, I can always tell when my pores are becoming bigger.

So far, squeezing is the most effective, but it can only remove about fifty percent of my blackheads and I have to continue doing it, it's an on-going process. However, just like the blackhead strips, if you squeeze too often you will end up with enlarged pores. So slowly I started out with squeezing every other day, to every 3 days, to every week and then now I am moving on to every 2 weeks.

I feel that my pores have become bigger, but I can't help it as I have serious blackheads issue, they look like freaking freckles on my nose. After squeezing I always wash with cold water and then apply my toner that contains bha and aha on it. Those blackhead gel/exfoliators can never remove blackheads that are deeply embedded in the pores. I never buy them anymore!

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i kept squeezing all these years and my nose is premature wrinkling fine lines. so dont do it..please.

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The only thing that removed the blackheads completely for me was accutane. But they came back a few months after I stopped taking it.

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