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My Cures - Detailed Info

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Hi guys, I am 19 years old and have had mild to moderate acne for long time now. Just recently the past 2 years it really broke out. To the point where i got 4-6 pimples over night.. Now I also wanna say my acne is not fully gone but its so limited and barely notice able that it doesn't affect my life or make me look in mirror anymore.

Now since I was younger I used those oxy pads, some other crappy stuff and just normal soap. I never noticed any results from them but I never kept doing it so no clue. Then I finally got serious this year and decided to tackle everything down to the single detail My mom said I should go to the derm but I said no I'm doing this as natural as possible. She made me try ProActive it works in a sense but makes skin dry and flaky to the point my skin was falling off and worse off that it makes you get more acne. I want to add in I work at a chinese restaurant and eat like chinese food all the time all crazy healthy of course but when I work I'm near all the crap food...so I dunno if its the cause of my last acne contribution.

Also I only get maybe 0-2 pimpes every 2 weeks+, since now I have it under control.

Stuff I do to greatly prevent acne (lets face it probally cant stop it):

-Change your diet, no more crap foods if you want your acne gone start eating pure healthy


-On a side note I do still have cup of milk everyday ( its stupid to cut out milk from your life)

-Workout, go to gym, body build, play sports

- I have no clue if sun helps or doesn't help with acne, but it helped with body acne a lot roasted it all away

-Drink lots of water like 5+ cups (only filtered water)

-Also this is a big one, stress in your life like school/work/people, I found when I started clearing stuff like doing homework when I didn't need to or helping out more my stress level went way down and this greatly helped reduce acne, since I know every1 likes to procasinate.

-Don't pick it, it causes more acne and scarring if you pick it also lasts longer.

Now what I take for my acne is only multivitamins, omega 3,6,9 pills has to be 3-4 I bolded this part because its one of the most important and helpful things I have ever done, also for so many other people I researched it. The last one is I take Tea Tree Oil Herbal Essence, still really does work, and doesn't mess up your skin in any way. It also makes your skin less red and helps with scarring does everything. The Tea Tree Oil I put on in the morning after a hot shower, very little or it will irritate your skin and leave it on all day, believe me it makes you feel so fresh.

Some side notes I'm not clear if it helps or not is masturbation I think it does affect acne a lot, but I also have a lady friend to do the business for me ( which I also researched that if you do a girl her fluids or w/e will greatly help keep the hormones in check, which masturbation makes it worse. So since hormones are more in check = less acne contribution? Also what I think will clear my acne forever is my final research and last step: filtered water showers+shaving+drinking, that taking long showers and drinking the water from taps is actually a big cause in acne. People said this cleared their acne fully, something so simple. If you take long hot showers and contact with lots of water you may want to look into this cost around $60 dollars...

Also to the guys out there no reason to be anti social over acne problems even if your moderate up to severe.. I have never had problems getting girls ever, I even see most acne filled people with the hottest chicks I have ever seen. Acne shouldn't control you or your life, if you don't care the girls definently don't care and this is serious. No reason to depress yourself.

Anyways sorry for long post and thanks for reading. The forums helped me out a lot, so I decided to throw back all the information I can to help you guys out. I don't even look in mirror anymore so its not even bad anymore to the point where it never crosses my mind when i'm around people, just gets better and clearer every day. I will stick around to help people if anyone cares, I tried for the most natural method and it worked.

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