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Breaking the habit: Picking.

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I have finally came to a conclusion that picking is whats keeping my skin from being clear.

Ever since I was little I have picked at every skin imperfection. Every cut, bug bite, you name it, and I picked at it.

However, Ive made a decision that I'm going to break this habit that has turned my skin into a disaster zone.

If you didn't know, it takes 21 days to break a habit. So over the next few weeks I'm going to be blogging my journey in search of advice and mental support, but most importantly to save other peoples skin from looking like mine.

Today is Day 1 and to start off I think its necessary to give you a little bit of information about me.

My name is Morgan and this coming fall I'm starting my junior year of high school. I moved to a different state in the 5Th grade, and I had an extremely hard time adjusting. In my 6Th grade year, I started my journey through puberty. Consequently, acne had began to rip its path through my forehead. At this time in my life, I hadn't started picking and my skin healed its zits rather quickly, however I can recall the first day I discovered the addiction of picking. I had a sore zit that was enormous. After minutes of complaining to my older sister she said " why don't you just pop that thing, it'll feel better." and that's just what I did. Ever since its been down hill from there.

I pick at the acne on my face leaving scabs, which I pick at until they finally heal up, leaving nasty scars. This year I've also started picking at my shoulders and arms, and I'm left with brown scars.

Day 1-

I tanned and worked out today which lowered my stress levels tremendously. I picked at a scab on my right cheekbone and another scab on my forehead near my hairline. I also attempted to pop a zit I have on my chin with a needle, unsuccessful. I think I am done for tonight, but for right now I'm off to wash my face and moisturize for the night.

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Good luck! Breaking this particular habit is really hard so I have some advice for you... For one, put away the needles or anything else you use on your face. Make sure that these instruments are very very hard to get to. Next, stop looking in the mirror, avoid it if you can! If you must look in the mirror, make sure the lighting is very very dim, or stand very far from the mirror. The goal is to keep from overanalyzing your skin too much to the point of wanting to pick at every little imperfection. Seriously, the mirror is your worst enemy right now so just ignore it for a few days. You'll definitely see improvement! I find that my skin looks the best when I don't pay any attention to it which results in little to no picking at all. Just make sure you're still washing and moisturizing properly though. And please stop running your fingertips over your face feeling for bumps too!

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@lightersUP- Exactly! Whenever I sit at home I always pick at my skin, and when i go out my skin heals. Running my fingers over my skin seems to be the worst habit of mine. I think its actually creating my acne.

Day 4- I've been out with my friends the last couple days and my skin is looking so much better than a few days ago! I've been putting extra virgin olive oil on my skin for a week or so and its really starting to give me a nice glow.

tip!:I've been applying Clearasil Adult Tinted Treatment cream at night before I can get to the mirror in my room, the tint makes it harder to see the tiny imperfections in my skin so I'm picking far less. Water and vitamins have made a tremendous difference as well.

However, my stress levels are balanced and my confidence levels are pitched. I'm terrifed that I'll relapse as soon as something goes wrong. My skin looks the worst when I'm not confident, thats when picking is more of a comfort thing. At that point, I'm picking to make myself look better, even though I know itll do the opposite.

I'm also thinking of taking the mirror thats in my bedroom and putting it elsewhere. Thats where the majority of my pick time.

Please reply and give me tips! (:

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some guy said that for new years he was not going to pick at his skin for a month or something.

i wanted to be an asshole and beat him at his own game, so i did.

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