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Is spiro for me? im desperate

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Ok so im an 18 year old female and I have extremely oily skin. It's not like a little shininess, it's full on intense oil. 10 min after I wash my face I can feel my nose and it will be oily again and after no more than 1 hour I can see the little oil drops on my nose without even getting too close to the mirror. My neck, chest, and hair also get extremely oily and I often cant help but shower twice a day just so I dont feel so gross. I cant stress enough how oily I am!

I remember getting my first pimple in 3rd grade and cant recall a day since without acne. I eventually developed huge nodules all over my face and that is when i started the accutane. my acne right now isnt too bad but i do get white heads/ red bumps quite often about 10-15 at any given time as well as some on my scalp and in my ears.

I've basically been on every cream approved by the FDA, every antibiotic out there, and 2 rounds of accutane, my first was 6 months up to 80mg/day and my second was 5 months of 40 mg/ day and finished that about 2 months ago but I am just so oily again I cant stand it. I also have pretty irregular periods which sorry if thats TMI but would that linked to hormonal oiliness?

My doctor also seems to be very conservative but I have an appointment friday and am going to see if shell give me an rx for spiro, does it seem likely? how long does spiro take before you see a decline in the amount of oil? are the side effects bad? I've been doing a lot of research but any first hand experience would be great greatly appreciated!

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It sounds like you'd be a good candidate for spiro. If your derm is hesitant, you might want to bring in articles/research that shows it works for acne.

As for spiro, I've been on 50mg for 3 months and 3 weeks. I've seen some major improvements. I have no current inflamed acne, but I do still have closed comdones. My skin was never very oily, so I can't comment on reduction. I know it takes longer for others, and I guess I was just lucky (as if one can be lucky with this acne journey).

The side effects I've experienced are mainly just thrist/dehydration. I was a bit dizzy/tired the first few weeks, but not enough to impact my day to day activities. My body quickly adjusted and I'm doing OK now.

Good luck, it really sounds like spiro will work for you, so I hope your derm listens!

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I have been a lifetime sufferer, too. Acne on face, chest, and back since adolescence. I have tried all kinds of topicals & antibiotics with no luck. Sprio has definitely improved my oiliness & breakouts, but only to a certain extent. Unfortunately, I am "never" fully clear (maybe once in a great while). I have wondered about accutane, but never asked my doctor about it.

I agree that the most noticeable side effects have been dehydration/tiredness.

I would say it's worth a try for you, be patient, it may work like magic.

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Maybe a BCP would suit you? your only 18 so still might grow out of your acne, your not old enought for it to be adult acne so fingers crossed in a few years its gone. If your doc won't give you spiro, try Yasmin, it contains an ingredient thats in the same family as spiro so might help.

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yeah I was on yaz for the last 2 years and I didnt really like it, I stopped the yaz and accutane at the same time, but I was on yaz between both rounds of accutane and as soon as i stopped both this last time I just felt so much better so Im not sure which made me not feel good but I feel a lot better now than i did during the in between periods of accutane.

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