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bp , anyone scared about this?do u no more info?

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ive been on dans regimen for about a month naw and im getting quite good results however.

posts like this scare me

QUOTE (psugrl96 @ Apr 11 2010, 08:10 AM)

Benzoyl perxoide is a harsh chemical and causes premature aging. It is an oxidant (as opposed to an anti-oxidant) and cause free radicals. I used to use Proactiv, now I stay away.


I know how tempting it is to continue with bp while it works- I did for 2 years. I now have the hands of an old lady and I thought my face was permanently ruined (red, no pigment and didn't match the rest of my body anymore).

I havent used BP in over a year and my face is somewhat recovered, but my hands are still ugly, pale and often red.

anyone have any advice.

anyone in the same situation?

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This is my response from that thread:

For those of you who are worried about BP ruining your skin, I'd just like to point out that these are only some people's experiences.

I, personally, have been using BP daily for the past two years, and on and off for about a decade before that, and my skin isn't dry or red or unhealthy looking. In fact, this is the best my skin's ever been. (You can check my gallery to see what my skin looks like, if you'd like.)

That said, yes, some people do have negative experiences with BP. Some people use concentrations that are too high, which can be very drying. Some people don't moisturize enough. And some for some people, BP just doesn't agree with their skin.

You won't know how a product will affect you until you try it. Some people on these boards are vehemently against BP. And others here love it. No one product will ever be perfect for everyone. : )

Not everyone here has a bad experience with BP. There are plenty of members on these boards that have been using it for years, and adore it. ; )

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thanks for replying everyone! i feel much better and yess i shal not forget 2 moisturise :D

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omg! i thot i should only moisturize if my skin was dry! um now i think i will no matter what.

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