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I picked up some coconut oil at the store today, it was just the regular grocery store not a health food store so I wasn't really counting on finding, it but I did. I get home and open it up to see what it's like and it's not even like an oil. It's not liquidy at all, it has the consistency of shortening and tastes disgusting by itself. I was planning on using it to cook eggs and stuff and also to add to smoothies, but is it supposed to be like this? I assumed it would be like olive oil or vegetable oil, just with coconut instead.

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Yes its solid at room temp but its melting point is pretty low. It turns to oil in my cabinet on a hot day and instantly on my skin.

I think it tastes great, but I love coconut =]

Mix it in with anything or cook with it - the taste isn't too strong.

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I don't understand the people that use that stuff. I had an experience with it eating with a health nut guy. Dreadful stuff.

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Oh ya i love coconut. is it virgin coconut oil??

No, it's Organic Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil. It was all they had at the regular grocery store and I didn't feel like going to the health food store that day so I just got it. I blended some up in a shake yesterday with some almond milk, peanut butter, and banana after my workout and I guess I didn't mix it long enough cause I poured it in a glass, took a big swig, and had got a mouth full of it. I almost threw up. That's what it felt like in my mouth too. Like I was holding puke in my mouth. I spit it out and poured the rest back into the blender and let it go for like 2 minutes and then it was fine, but man was it disgusting the first time.

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