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Welcome to my Accutane Log

  • Had acne since age "12"
  • Acne.org regimen 2008
  • I feel like dying.

What I've Tried :Erythromycin, Topical Erythromycin, Topical Clindamycin.

Like 10 different Benzoyl Peroxides(NOTS, Acne.org, AcneFree, Proactive, Clearacil, Neutrogena Acne Therapy, PanOxyl, ETC)

Salicylic Acids like Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Washes, Paula's Choice BHA 2%, C&C Dual Action, Neutrogena Clear body wash.

Sulfer Mask, AHA+, Jojoba Oil.

Naturally Clear Oral Supplements, Vitamin C Pills, 3 Day Apple Fast Detox.

Eating a bunch of Fruits didn't seem to help either.

Moderate Acne

Acne all over my body above the waist area.

:[ As you can see, i don't want to waste any more money buying products.

I have anxiety, i can not look at people in the eye because of my face, i tend to look towards the ground. i rarely go outside because of this problem.

--------------------------------------------- :D

Day 1

Popped a 20mg pill today.

My face is mild-moderate acne.

back, chest, shoulder, arms, neck is moderate.

I know i shouldn't be taking this because i don't have severe acne, but i'm fed up wasting my time doing daily regimens when all it does it prevent 1-4 pimples.

Leaned towards Accutane because body acne, to me, is extremely hard to treat. Plus my facial oil is 3-6x more than the average person which is one of the key things that made me try accutane.

I told the "Nurse Practitioner" about my fear of being seen in public with acne and how much it tears up my self esteem. I've made my own little bubble surrounding people around me because of it. Hopefully Accutane will break the bubble so i can get back out into the world and meet new faces without being scared to look them in the eyes.

Will be meeting with my Dermatologist again next month to up it to 40mg.

Hwaiting! Give me your support, i will give you mine :D

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hmmm.. I dunno how much of it it would cover but if you get a generic form of accutane like claravis (one I'm using haha) or amnesteen? or something like that it's the same stuff just alot cheaper. My mom had to pay like $10, but she has insurance on us so idk how much you would have to pay?? Sorry I couldn't help more

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Claravis ! :D $10 a month, $5 per dermatologist visit. I'm so excited.

Haven't felt like this in ages.

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Does anyone take any other vitamins while on Accutane?


Accutane (Isotretinoin) makes you extremely sun-sensitive. You'll especially need to wear a hat during Summer. Because you will be getting less Vitamin D from natural sunlight, it would be advisable to take a Vit D supplement- perhaps discuss with your Dermatologist or GP. Also, make sure you try to avoid foods high in Vitamin A, as per the medication's information sheet.


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Thank you very much Shantelle !

i happen to have a bunch of Nature Made Vitamin D supplements in my medicine cabinet.

So i guess i should stay away from the sun as much as possible?

Is it okay if i take Vitamin C supplements? i hear the immune system gets bad from accutane, and vitamin c is supposed to support immune system right?

appreciate it :D

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Good luck to you. I just started 8 days ago. Side effects are minimal to this point, besides the initial breakout. Try to stay positive.

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Good luck Tim!

For Vitamin Supplements, I am taking Omega 3-6-9 ( fsh oil, flax seed oil, and borage Oil) and Vitamin C, and D. Vitamin D is one you would definitely want to take as others have mentioned, sun exposure is limited.

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