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how long before doxycycline starts working?

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I was on cefadroxil for about a year and a half and that worked amazingly. Last month it stopped working so i got perscribed doxy. I have been taking doxy for, it will be a month on thursday and am not sure if i have seen improvements. Certainly nothing as dramatic as when on cefadroxil. Recently i told my doc and she percribed clindamycin hcl for oral use. I'm not sure if i should stop taking the doxy and switch antibiotics so soon. Should i be seeing results by now? I think i may be seeing some but not sure because i thought antibiotics worked really well on me because of how well the cefadroxil cleared me. I am definitlely still getting cysts. Also is antibiotic resitance passed down by parents? In other words, if my dad took a tetracycline and became resitant does that mean i am resitant automatically?

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I have been taking doxy for 2 months and it seems to just be working. I would say to stick with the doxy for a couple more weeks. It varies for everyone.

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Antibiotics works for new bacteria. So it takes times and the mg dosis is important, if it is too low, that could foster resistance. If you attack bacteria, you do it with artillery and machine fire, meaning the dosis cannot be low (unless is a really mild condition).

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For me, Doxy got gradually more effective as time went on.

I think mine reached it's full potential at about 8 months or so.

I've always heard to never judge an antibiotic until you've been on it for at least six months. Always consult your dermatologist before giving up on it!

Be patient and don't give up! It will improve!

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i am on 50mg twice a day and am on week 5 of it, so far no result from the doxy.

But I am going to re fill my next script.

stay strong

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