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Taking Accutane for only 2 months!?

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After antibiotics and Retin A haven't worked, my doctor suggested I try Accutane to help with my moderately severe cystic acne. The only problem is I'm graduating, and my student health insurance will be cancelled in September. Once she realized I could only be on Accutane for probably 2 months, she was hesitant and refereed me to a dermatologist to see if they could suggest anything else. I have an appointment tomorrow, and I'm not sure if I should push for the Accutane or try something else. If taking Accutane short term could possibly help me stay clear long term, I'd want to give it a try.

So, my question is... Have any of you had experiences taking accutane for a short period of time (1-3 months)?If so, how clear did you get after treatment, and did the results last long-term? I'd love to hear stories!

I'm running out of time and options! Any help would be SUPER appreciated.

Thanks so much! :D

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You can clear up in that time, but I guess its not enough for the effects to be long lasting.

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It all depends on what your cumulative dose is. If you're taking, say, 40mg for three months, it's not going to be enough and you'll relapse. Unless you get a huge dose of it per month to reach your cumulative dose, you're not going to stay clear.

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Ah, thanks so much for the info guys! I'm a little disappointed that thats the case, but it makes sense.

Has anyone actually done a very short cycle or had to stop taking accutane after a couple months? How long did it take before relapse (if any)? Was the acne after relapse at least smaller and less frequent?

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DONT DO IT! I had mild/moderate acne and took accutane back in highschool

My face cleared up in a month and after the second month ended i decided I was going to be my own dermatologist and take my self off the medicine

WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE, about 5 months later, my acne came back with a vengeance the second I started college.

I am now going back on accutane 2 years later to finish it. WHATEVER YOU DO, FINISH THE COURSE.

(my acne came back gradually and now its worse than ever, after I did those two months I thought I was invincible and that my skin would be clear for ever, I was dead wrong)

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I'd wait until you have insurance or pay the large amount for the accutane and labs monthly out of pocket.

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