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Kyle's Claravis log.. cross your fingers =]

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Hey guys my name's Kyle I'm 16, 5'9" weigh 155, and am on day 18 of claravis!

I've had acne since i was in middle school i think and I'm gonna be a senior this year. I've tried everything and I'm sick of it!! So the derm prescribed it and i popped my first pill may 20. I'm on 60mg a day. 20mg in the morning and 40mg at night before I go to sleep.

Some of the side effects I've been experiencing so far are really dry lips, low energy, joint pain, lower back hurts sometimes, skin sensitive to the sun, and I went camping a few days ago with some friends and at night I couldnt see squat!! so ya I have night blindness =[

Oh and every morning i wake up my face is peeling off, that sucks

My mom says my face is getting better already and a bit of the redness is going away but idk if i see it..

I'll keep posted, any questions or comments welcome

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Day 19

Last night it felt like I was gonna have a breakout. You know you can just tell? Well this morning I did break out a TINY bit. And the new areas are really small and I don't even really feel them. I've noticed claravis has made my breakouts smaller and the new ones dry up and fade alot quicker.

I have a couple where they're like big bumps. They don't hurt or anything but they won't go away!!!! Patience I guess..

So today I was supposed to go mountain biking with a friend down some canyons and stuff, but he's "busy" =[. I'm curious how my joints will feel while riding so I might still go up today. It IS a nice day after all...

P.S. I'm not gonna post everyday, just when I feel like telling you guys something. Keep in touch!!! =]

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