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can anyone relate to this situation?

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is their anyone else that was part of a big social group during high school but was always the inferior because of your skin, and you would usually avoid going out whenever someone was chucking a party etc. and now that schools finished, your not obliged to these parties anymore because you dont see these people and you hide in your room, and then you go on facebook and see that someone from school is hosting a party at a bar or a club lounge and you look at everyone whos attending and you just get that sickening feeling?

does anyone adjust the times they would catch public transport to avoid seeing certain people cos you dont want them to see the miserable person youve become post high school?

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I can sort of relate, but I think it's a part of a much bigger issue on my part to do with self-confidence. Acne can play havoc with your self perception and anxiety. I still seem to stare people down when I talk to them, gritting my teeth for the moment their eyes might dart away and land on a scar. At parties, going out, etc., I've always had trouble feeling confident and happy around people easilly. I've dealth with body image before acne, and have to deal with the after effects of that as well as my face now.

The one thing I'm starting to learn though is that I seem to...exacerbate the situation. What I see as ugly, or deformed on myself is most likely normal to other people. If I'm going to let the fact that...I dunno, that I'm not dating or in a relationship be a proof that I'm physically a rejecton would be to confer the same criteria to my friends...who are far from, in my view, physically objectionable.

Ahem. This got a bit rambly...sorry :eh: Long story short, yes, my physical hangups have made me want to shy away from certain things, but i think it's becuase I get down on myself more than anything else, which snowballs into others issues, which make me feel less like going out. If it's about feeling miserable, I think the snowballong thing is what might make things so hard for us.

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Not really, but I understand where you are coming from. A part of me has this undeniable drive to make something of myself to 'show off' to those I went to high school with. When in fact my high school experience was good, albiet I wouldn't want to repeat it because I am not the same person I was 3 years ago and I couldn't deal with the immaturity anymore (there is enough of that in college =P ).

I think that it is key to remember that it's hard to judge or compare yourself to others after high school but everyone takes a different path. Some go to college, some finish and some do not, some get married and have children, some don't, it really depends.

Keep your chin up though. :comfort:

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thats the thing, i was never kicked out of the group, i neva heard any remarks about my skin from anyone. If anything they always wanted me to come out with them but because i felt so inferior it was really just me that was the problem.

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