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I'm getting married a week from tomorrow. A few days ago, I noticed a pimple between my eyes. Of course I picked at it (Ugh, I know!) and now I literally have a HUGE scab between my eyebrows. I need to do something that will heal it quick! Like I said... I'm getting married in a week! Any suggestions???

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Wynne had a couple good tips and so do I so here goes:

Do not touch it from this point on except to treat it.

At night, put Neosporin or antibiotic ointment on it and plaster it with a bandaid.


Try to protect it from harsh weather/hot water/sun etc.

CONGRATULATIONS on getting married that is awesome :)

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here's some tips:

drink lots of water. water replenishes the skin cells faster and overall promotes healing

neosporin 2-3 times a day

vitamin e is an effective topical treatment as well. i had a lot of success with healing certain things with popping a vitamin e capsule and rubbing over a scab or red mark. a lot of people are fooled into thinking the best thing for a scab is for it to stay dry, so eventually it just becomes a dead layer and you can peel it off. however keeping the area as moisturized as possible is actually the best thing for it. that's the great thing about vitamin e, cuz it keeps it from getting dry all night.

try not to stress all that much. you have a whole week, that's a VERY long time for a scab to do its thing. just make sure you don't pick at it, let it run its course, and im sure at the very least by your wedding you can get it down an easily manageable (and by that i mean the powers of make-up) red mark.

good luck.

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Neosporin cream I hope, the ointment is comedogenic. Plain old petroleum jelly is fine. I myself use Polysporin. See last link in my signature for other tips including icing the spot to reduce other signs of inflammation.

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