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Bacne finally clearing after 7 years!

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I'm knocking on wood here, but it finally seems like after 7 years of struggling with severe back acne, I've finally been able to defeat it. I still have some dark spots, but for the first time since I've been 16 do I not have a single inflamed anything (at its worst I'd probably have 40-50 very large painful inflamed zits).

Nothing is really a secret, but here is what really worked for me. This is my 2nd stint using "the regimen", with the first one being 90% successful, however that being during the winter in Colorado, which for me is much better for acne than the hot humid summers of Virginia. Its taken extreme patience and finally going to the derm for the problem and getting Differin, which I believe has been the difference between 90% and 100%. I combine this with a very strict following of the regimen (I've been doing it since January). I'd have to say that during the past 5 months I've missed maybe 5 showers or not putting medication on. And I paid for it almost every time.

- What I do is mix a pea sized amount of Differin in with 7-8 pumps of Acne.org BP, mix the two in my hands and spread it over as much of my back as I can reach (don't mix in the Differin in the morning, only at night). This was my biggest question was exactly how much is enough. I'd say I have a slightly larger than average back for a male, so adjust accordingly.

-I find it unnecessary and irritating to let the BP completely dry before moisturizing, I try to let it sit for 5 minutes or so and just go ahead and put lotion on. Early on, cetaphil seemed to make me break out but lately I seem to no longer have that problem. Always had great luck with the acne.org lotion, but sometimes its not strong enough. I've found the Differin to not be noticeably irritating, however my back can get very dry but its mostly due to all the showering (twice a day, every day). My favorite cleanser thus far is the cetaphil gentle cleanser bar soap.

- Moisturize EVERY time. I was very stubborn about this. If I dont moisturize one or two times, I find it catches up with me and it takes a week or two before my back isn't dry and painful anymore. So just do it.

- Definitely avoid milk, I take a multi and omega 3.

- A huge one for me is being careful at the gym, avoid any exercise that pushes your back into anything, like bench press. Its kind of tough, but switch to flies and be creative...just avoid any pressure on your back. I'm guessing 6 months in when finally clear this would be okay again, but its been absolutely vital to getting clear. No backpacks either.

I hope that even if I didn't tell anybody anything new, I can give some people hope because I thought I was completely hopeless having the worse bacne of anyone I'd ever seen, and now I'm just waiting on a few dark spots to heal.

CLIFF NOTES: Patience + Diligence!! I started the regimen 6 months ago, and have been using differin for 2 months and now I'm just finally noticing a good complexion and no new acne. Differin is a lifesaver and non irritating to me. Use lots of BP. Avoid Milk. Take omega 3. Don't Bench Press. Moisturize EVERY time even if you dont think you need to.

Thanks for reading! I hope I have helped somebody.

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