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Only Soap/Toner Regimen. Reducing product amount.

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After recently learning about how washing of the face can actually lead to long-term damage of the acid mantle (a slightly acidic layer that forms over your skin that protects it from bacteria) I decided to cut down my regimen from 3 steps and multiple products about twice a day, to 1-2 steps and 2 products once a day.

I'm trying to minimize the amount of total product I use and the frequency in which I wash my face.

Is anyone else trying to be really "minimalist" when it comes to treating their acne?


-My acne is usually mild. Mostly get it on my cheeks/chin area. Usually never on the forehead. My skin is regular in terms of sensitivity, however it's usually red.

-I think I wash my face too much. Washing my face does virtually nothing to clear it. It only seems to slow the onset of acne and stop it from getting too serious.

-I believe exfoliating regularly causes me to break out. (Anyone else experience this?)


-Salycilic Acid/Benzoyl Peroxide

-Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate :naughty:

-Regular exfoliating

-All Parabens

-Soy Products

-Dairy Products

-Virtually anything that could be considered "unnatural"


-Lever 2000 Soap

-"Toner" made from ACV/Lemon juice/Mint leaves/Honey and baking soda (to balance [raise] pH.) (Litmus strips dictate the toner has a pH of ~6.5, close to water, slightly acidic.)

(Not using this every day. Sometimes I use it instead of the soap.)

-Omega 3 Fish oil and a multivitamin.

-I still drink coffee. I'm bad, I know.


Day 1: The L2K Soap seems to do wonders for my oily skin. Makes it feel and look much less oily even several hours after I washed my face. That never happens. Used toner. Only a few zits, mostly on my cheek, one near my eyebrow.

Day 3: Skin looks sort of dull. I'm not used to abstaining from using exfoliant products. Small breakout on my right cheek. Used only the soap today.

Day 4: I think this soap dries out my acne without drying out my skin. The acne I had yesterday looks like its drying out. Soap+toner. No new breakouts.

Day 6: I shaved today and got rid of some of the dried out acne on my chin/cheek area. New breakout near nose and lip. Used soap+toner.

Day 8: I broke out around my jaw area. Nothing too major, but there's about 3 in a small patch. The one zit near my lip from a few days before is totally dried out. Skin feels sort of dry, but not tight and it doesn't really look dry either. Soap+toner

Day 10? (or 11? I should write dates instead of days): Skin looks much less red than it did a week ago. I think my acne around the cheeks has subsided a bit, but I broke out around my neck and 2 small pimples near the side of my lip. Soap only.

Day 11: Shaved. The 2 zits near my lip are drying out. No new breakouts. I'm washing my body with the same soap as my face and it's virtually all gone with only one or two breakouts. Not that I had that much to begin with, just on my shoulder blade.

Day 12 (let's just say it's 12): I had a moment of weakness. Skin looks overall slightly better than when I started and less red, but it still looks sort of dull. I think the dead skin cells are piling up. I want to exfoliate.

Small zit on left cheek, put a tiny dab of toothpaste on it overnight, but other than that, soap only.

Day 15: I dyed my hair today and got dye all over my face, when I was washing it off, so I washed with the soap and toner twice today, as opposed to once a day. No new breakouts today. Soap+toner 2x.

Skin feels surprisingly soft and looks less oily than a week ago. :surprised:

Results so far:

Although my acne is pretty mild for the most part, my total occurrence of breakouts has definitely gone down a bit. My skin is also looking much less oily (probably due to less frequent washing) and a bit less red overall. However, it looks a tad more dull than when I exfoliated every other day or so. Since I'm not moisturizing outside of the honey in my makeshift toner, I'm drinking much more water than usual.

I'll stick with this regimen for a bit longer and see if it gets substantially better.

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Good luck with your regimin!! I'm also trying to keep things as natural as possible, and I'm crossing my fingers that it works... ! I just checked the ingredients in level 2000 bar soap because I was kind of worried that it might be drying or have irritating ingredients, but the ingredients look not too bad:

Stearic acid

Tetrasodium EDTA

2,6-Di-t-butyl-p-cresol (BHT)

Sodium isethionate

Trisodium etidronate


Disodium phosphate

Sodium chloride


Sodium tallowate

Titanium dioxide

Coconut fatty acids

Sodium cocoate

Sodium cocoyl isethionate

Again, good luck, and high 5 for keeping things natural (they way they were meant to be!) : )

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