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Family Members with Clear Skin?

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Hey guys. I was wondering how many of you have family members with clear skin. Every single day I have to look at the perfect beautiful skin that my sister has, while I'm suffering from deep cystic acne. How fair is that? And she's not the only one with great skin, either-- I have by far the worst acne in the family. It sucks! I feel like they are embarrassed by my awful skin. Sometimes I wish everyone in the world had acne, then I wouldn't feel so bad! Anyone else feel this way?

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My mum has always had beautiful skin as does her sister. But my dad, all my uncles, and male cousins have had/or have severe cystic acne. My sister has acne but it's not as bad as mine.

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i know exactly how you feel! sometimes i just wish all my friends had acne too so that i wouldnt be the only one, because all my friends and my entire family have clear, beautiful skin. like seriously, i am the only one of my friends who has skin issues, so unfair!

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I have the worst acne by far in my family. I am the oldest too. My younger brother is starting to get it and I feel so bad for him. My sister ,on the other hand, has perfect skin. I absolutely hate that because she is the most vain, shallow, superficial person I know. She does not deserve clear skin.

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