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Thinking of taking Accutane? You should!

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I wanted to repost this entry in my accutane log as it's own post. I know a lot of people search the web when considering how to treat their acne, and I figured this is the easiest way for you to find what you're looking for.

I just wish someone had told me sooner, given me the strong endorsement I was looking for, so here it is. If you are on the fence about accutane... I strongly recommend you take it!

First month off Accutane :)

First of all, i want to apologize for not maintaining my blog all the way through the end. I have to say that it was half hectic-life and half embarrassment/fear that i was going to be the 1 in a million case where accutane didnt work.

I wanted to explain and basically "finish" my blog because i am positive there will be other people in my situation, who are terrified that it's month 5 and they're still not perfectly clear. That was me for sure. I even got a pimple after I FINISHED my damn pills. But luckily, that was an isolated incident. I had stoped the tane on a sunday, and on Friday morning I had this tiny little guy that literally caused a semi-mental breakdown as I bawled on the phone to my mom that obviously this had all been for nothing.

Flash forward to a month later.. totally clear. I mean, COMPLETELY perfect. So much so, that I will stare in the mirror (only allow myself to do this for a couple minutes) at night when I wash my face, as if to be looking, like waiting for something to have started. But there is nothing. I am so happy you guys, and I just want to tell everyone who is suffering from acne, or struggling with their course of treatment right now, that it is 100% worth it. Every tear, every IB, depression, dry skin, whatever! I have my life back. Really, it's been bazar because all these weird habits and anti-social behaviors, I am still having to break them, and remind myself that I am free now. I don't have to hide or be scared that if I go to the beach, I might sweat and cause a pimple... I am free.

So yea, that sounds really dramatic, but I know I don't have to explain to you guys that it's because IT IS dramatic. Acne can ruin your life because of what it does to you psychological health and emotional wellbeing. So if you are on the fence about Accutane, I encourage you to let go of your fears and doubts and move forward with treatment. It's the best decision I've ever made and I only wish I'd done it sooner!


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.....fear that i was going to be the 1 in a million case where accutane didnt work.

Gosh, I think the exact same way right now, but after your post I feel so much more confident about the next couple months. Thank you for this post!

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