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I've been using this site for a while now and would like to ask some advice about AHAs. 

I have tried almost everything in the past including Accutane and other prescribed topicals, then I started Dans regimen a year ago with BP and a Beauty Skin light for about 6 months. This cleared the majority of my acne and decided to stop the light therapy and start alternating between AHA(in place of moisturiser) / BP and mandelic acid /moisturiser at night. This gave great results, clearing my skin further, but still left some small whiteheads around my nose, which i could put up with.

With summer on the way, and being wary of burning, I decided to stop the AHA/mandelic acid, while carrying on with the BP. I have had a couple of pustules/papules everyday since and my face is more blotchy than before, though nowhere near as bad before I started the regimen, and the BP seems to be stopping major breakouts. The whiteheads around my nose have also increased greatly.

My question is, if i go back to using AHA/mandelic acid with an SPF 25 or 50 lotion, will this be good enough/safe for being out in the sun, i.e. Not in the shade for an hour? Or is it too much of a risk of burning? I will obviously avoid that, but don't want to be caught out!

I am going to go back to using the BeautySkin - does anyone have any alternative suggestions for clearing the whiteheads without resorting to AHAs?

Many thanks in advance, and thank you to everyone who posts advice on this forum, I only wish I'd found it a few years ago!


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