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First is the worst, second is the best?*

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Okay ladies and gents,

I took accutane when I was 14 years old. For six months. It cleared up my skin until I was around 22, which is also when I moved to this ghetto ass area that had disgusting sulfury well-water. Icky.

Well, I am 25 now, okay, 24. But I will be 25 on the 20th of this month. Today is my first full day of taking accutane again. I'm on the generic, Clavaris, and I already bought the aquaphor because if there is anything I remember it was peeling lips.

I could tell everyone the side effects that I think I rec'd when I was fourteen, but they were bad, and I was 14 so they could have just been side effects from being that age. Rebellious years they were.

I noticed some of all you other accutane users logs, and I decided they seem fun and I'd like to make one.

I think we can all help each other out on this long, but soon to be short and over with, journey!

:) Love for all, and all for clear skin! :dance:

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Good luck! It sounds like your first Accutane treatment really kept your face clear for a long time! Keeping a log like this will make the time fly by! ;)

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I have two pictures for now, although I do not believe you can really see my acne. I break out in spurts, there is about one week in the whole month that I have clear skin, and right now it's healing and the acne is all on the side of my face which is coverable with hair.

The picture of me and my sister you can see on the side of my face, with makeup that I have three -- one on my check, one next to my ear, and one right under my jawline.

The second picture is me with no makeup taking a funny picture for facebook, but there are no pimples there right now. I will take new pictures today without my make up as to point out the direct areas.

As for today:

I woke up with my skin more oily than normal. And I have one new baby pimple today.

I dunnoe if the oily skin was from me using aquaphor now as a preventative, the accutane, or the fact that I slept a lot longer than normal which would allow my skin to produce more oils before I get to wash it.

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Guest CynthiaS

Your skin looks a lot like what I'm dealing with. We both know we have the same "problem" ;-)

Best of luck to you!! Looking forward to seeing how you progress.

Edited by CynthiaS
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@123456789q: I am on 30mg of Clavaris, twice. So 60mgs per day.

And to everyone, we are in this together. And I believe this site to be super awesome for people to be able to come together. And just think, once we are done, there will be a new group of people. Everyone there to help one another. :) Makes me happy.

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Hey :) I too had to take 2 courses of Accutane (I just finished) and wanted to wish you luck. Hopefully a second time around will knock acne on it's butt good for you.

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Did you do your courses back to back? And keep me updated as to if your skin stays clear!!! I hope this is the last time I ever have to see this drug.

I actually have a friend that went on it three times. :(

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Okkayyy. So Day 3-ish. Since I started Friday night.

My face is definitely oilier from the medicine. Because I only slept for 6 hours last night and my face was oily when I woke up, not to mention that today when I was at work I was touching my neck for some reason when I felt a HUGE lump in my NECK!!!

I don't even ever get pimples there, and it's a cyst! I'm assuming my skin is doing that purging thing that I read from a lot of you.

Please purge for not so much longer, thank you skin.

Yours truly,

Your co-owner and side partner, Briana.

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Hey! Thank you. The support is much needed.

Especially after a day like today!

I felt down in the dumpers, my skin was oily, and I just felt blah. I dunnoe if it's the accutane or what.

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I am doing good. Thank you for asking.

I have been on here, stalking and researching peoples pages. Creepy, yes.

But I just haven't felt like writing until I was more certain of what was a side effects.

It was like one day I was depressed and my whole body hurt, but I went to the gym the day before. But my body normally doesn't hurt like that. Then the next day became that time of the month (sorry, it happens). Then I felt okay, but now today my lower back hurts. My face broke out with like to more pimples, I have like 6 scabs on my face!!!! I have been putting ointment on them at night so they heal. Anndddd I realized that when my lip stuff starts to dry out my lips are actually pretty much burning. But I have had them moisturized since I started so I never noticed so much until yesterday when I was eating, and the ointment was coming off. :/

On a good note, I'm not getting crazy stomach aches like I used too. However I am starting to dislike the area I live in more now. And I feel like I am trapped here for five months because of this medicine.

When I start to feel trapped I do outrageous things.

Ex: You aren't supposed to drink on this medicine.

Well, almost every weekend for the month before I made sure I drank.

You aren't supposed to get tattoos on this medicine.

Well, I made sure that I got a tattoo.

LOL, yes I sound like a crazy, but I don't like commitments or things that make me feel restrained. And when I was younger I could be rebellious and it was okay. But now I'm older, and I want to smack myself in the face.

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I did the exact same thing, actually I still do. :D

I don't think a day has gone by since I started my log that I have not been on this site. Everyone is just so supportive so it is great.

Hope that this month goes by smoothly for you.

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Okay, so a little update.

I have officially been on this hell drug for one week.

My skin is definitely drying out. I've noticed as long as I keep my lips moisturized with a antibiotic ointment or aquaphor (whichever is within arms reach at the time) is god's gift to the lips. And all girls should retired their 45 dollar lipsticks and glosses and stick to the 2 dollar ointments!!!

My face had still been breaking out with one or two pimples a day, anddd let me tell you, if you have the ability to not pick, don't. But if you're like me and you are compulsive and pick without knowing you're picking, then...at night use that same antibiotic ointment you used on your lips and smack that onto the scabs that have/or will form on your face. I've noticed the ointment makes the pink go away quicker and allows it to heal.

I decided to go to whole foods the other day and look for organic moisturizers, and I ended up getting a new face wash that I believe is helping with this initial breakout. I've been using it for two days and I feel like my skin looks brand new.

Here is a link to show you guys what it looks like in case you want to try it. I bought it for 3.99, and if you get it from whole foods and you don't like it you can return it.


I also bought some face moisturizer when I was there, and since I've only used it once I do not know if it is helping. I did put some on yesterday and my face was able to maintain a oily look for a few hours, but by the end of the day my makeup started cracking because my face was dry.

But still, if you need something for a few hours while you are out or working I think this may be the trick. However it was a tad bit more expensive, but like I said try it, if you don't like it...return it. Gosh, I wish we could do that with people...like MEN! :)


I will take a new picture without makeup on, but for now makeup is my miracle. Even though you may be able to see one of my scabs with it on.



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OH yeah! I forgot to mention. My HEAD has been itching like CRAZY! It's like my scalp is peeling too, because when I itch, dander like particles fly from my head and it's super gross. Super.

Thank you, that is all.

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I did the exact same thing the other week and I was shocked at the amount of dry skin that flew off. I went to the store and bought hot oil treatments hoping it helps. Let me know if you find anything that helps!

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