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What to expect with Accutane

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I'm a 23 year old female and I begin Accutane 40mg in 3 weeks. I have mild to moderate acne, I only have one cyst like pimple right now but my back is terrible. I am worried that when I begin Accutane my face will turn bright red and peel really bad. Can someone who has mild to moderate acne like me who has taken Acctuane share with me their experience? Thanks so much !

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I'm on the same dosage (I'm 22)! On day 6 now and i have moderate acne. Although I'm only on day 6, so far nothings gotten bad. As of this morning I noticed my lips were drier than usual. other than that I just am constantly thirsty so I'm drinking about 80fl oz of water a day.

I'll keep you posted if anything goes crazy on my skin =]

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Hi there- I'm on my second month of 40 mg of Amnesteem. I a bit older than you...I'm 36. So far I can tell you I haven't been peeling or bright red. I do look a bit more flushed than usual but it's nothing that bothers me or seems to be noticed by others. I also suffer from mild to moderate acne. Mine is mostly persistent. I am completely clear now and have been for a few weeks. You will get dry but if you keep moisturizing it's manageable. Keep your lips, especially, moisturized. I would always have chapstick or the like with you. I went through a short phase where my nose and eyes were dry so I used nose spray and eye drops but it only lasted a few weeks. Wear sunscreen! Any exposed areas. I put 50 on my arms and legs and still get sun. I use Vanicream at night when my face feels particularly dry and during the day I use a light moisturizer. Don't use any other acne topicals. You may be tempted especially if you have an initial breakout but resist the urge and just let Accutane do its' thing. You will clear up..it may take some time. Stay positive and drink lots of water!! :)

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